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ID 6915

Herval Freire

Builder of things. I make ideas happen, period.

ID 64964

Andreas Klinger

Freelance metrics & data consultant. Focus on early & growth stage companies. Mentor at several accelerators.

ID 2896

Kyle Bragger

Co-founded Exposure. Founded @forrst (acquired by Zurb). Made Tinyproj (acquired by @grouptalent)

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 5542

Marian Zange

CTO and co-founder at @ezeep-1. Founded @liquid-labs in Cambridge and worked for @xing.

ID 523538

Parag Majumdar

Co Founder Productive Mobile • Worked at @cleartrip, @evoleas • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 8561

Francesco Baschieri

Love creating and help companies grow

ID 120153

Ramo Karahasan

CTO &Co-Founder @itembase • Worked FraunhoferSIT Worked at @sirona-dental-inc, @m-spec-gmbh • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences, @university-of-hagen

ID 107717

Ramzi Rizk

Founder/CTO @eyeem @PhotoHackDay. Software architect. Photographer. Pianist. Recovering Academic. @Sbootcamp @AS_PNP mentor.

ID 224029

Jan Schwenzien

Founder @testcloud, @general-scripting • Studied at @university-of-potsdam

ID 233185

Guillermo Álvarez Fernández

Just curious

ID 126849

George Leontiev

Scala enthusiast

ID 151452

Chad Fowler

CTO @6wunderkinder, former SVP Technology at @livingsocial + CTO @InfoEther, author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer

ID 34676

Christian Reber


Founder @6wunderkinder

ID 29880

Jorge Díaz

Startup Tech Founder. Team builder, Rails, Agile Development. 10+ years in the game.

ID 106083

Todd Sullivan

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-Founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Lead developer at @raytheon and @defence-1.

ID 12045

François Hodierne

French in Berlin. Formerly @netvibes Chief Architect. Currently @eyeem Backend Engineer.

ID 95869

Jason Green


Currently working as CTO at Wimdu, Rocket Internet in Berlin, Germany

ID 130692

Roland Moriz

Managing Director, Project Manager, Consultant/Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

ID 247581

Jorge Creixell

Software Engineer

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 253925

Ruslan V (interested in Scala projects)


Scala, C++, Java, C#, server-side development, peer-to-peer networks. Back in 2005 I created Morpheus, the most popular p2p app in North America.

ID 49260

Jan Riethmayer

CTO @bonusbox, rubyist. Background in information retrieval and machine learning. Emacs-evangelist.

ID 171684

Jay Barker

Based in @berlin. Delivering software platforms and web innovation for 10+ years.

ID 134453

Max Degterev

A full stack software developer from Moscow, currently living in Berlin. I love internets, node.js, computer games, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

ID 541692

Maja Komel

junior developer

ID 265151

Sebastian Moleski

Founder TBD , @publitica • Worked at @infernum, Netvacation, NetService24, @Wikimedia Foundation, @entriq • Studied at @TCU

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 291414

Mikael Högqvist

Distributed and scalable systems, PhD

ID 34468

Ismail Asci

Software Developer with nearly 7 years of well-rounded experience. Former CTO of

ID 350968

Maurizio Turatti

Expert on EAI, SOA, ESB, BPM, B2B, EDA enablement tools and best practices. Java EE specialist and Python developer.

ID 515965

Moritz von Hase

Founder Yeppt!, @livup • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 46810

Thomas Schranz

CEO of @blossom. High traffic @facebook apps for @red-bull, Jim Beam & FIFA Soccer World Cup. Relaunched @play-fm. Computer Science @vienna-university Technical University

ID 127617

Marat Dyatko

Devigner or Deseloper. Worked at @nokia, @ostrovok, @yandex, @livejournal, Qiwi.

ID 511299


Founder of Yeppt! • Ecommerde manager • M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics (Network Dynamics & Control) • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 249517


Hacking my life way @soundcloud

ID 114733

Kenneth Auchenberg

Interface Developer with a passion for user experience

ID 43831

Philipp Wassibauer

Co-founder and CTO at Previously co-founder of @www-schmiede-ca and (discontinued). Now living in Berlin.

ID 64139

Jonas Piela

Developer and Entrepreneur, co-founded @suxeedo, building the most advanced bank account with @avuba. Currently participating in @techstars. Loves crazy ideas.

ID 97576

Karl Schaeffler

Interested in Social Media, Web, Travel around the world. Co-Founder, CTO @oleapark, Ex camper @LeCamping, now iOS Engineer @eyeem.

ID 115119

Phil Calçado

Director of Engineering @soundcloud

ID 85428

David Grajal Blanco

Founder @tran-sl • Full Stack developer + Business guy • CEIBS MBA 2012 • Founded 4 companies

ID 46983

Kevin McDonagh

CEO @novoda offering the world's foremost Android expertise and Organiser @droidcon a global conference celebrating the Android platform.

ID 242946

Christoph Bach

Student of Business Information Systems, frontend-developer, webdesigner and guitarist who loves to play the blues.

ID 41663

Jose Simoes

Founder of @mobitto. PhD on User-Centric Advertising (CS at TU Berlin) with industry & startup experience. Globetrotter that lived in 5 different countries.

ID 198657

Engin Kurutepe

iOS Team Lead at txtr. Start-up veteran. PhD Drop-out. Likes music and cars. Learning to fly.

ID 11931

Max Kossatz

Co-founder of Blippex. Hacker and serial entrepreneur, on the Internet for over 20 years and still enjoying it!

ID 244200

Lars Kluge


ID 98373

Benjamin Krause

CTO, Head of Product and co-founder at moviepilot. Solution Architect.

ID 313759

Ghazaleh Koohestanian


building a ecosystem of devices- Patents pending- no up and downloads!

ID 503414

Johann Barbie

Founder @37coins • Worked at @ibm

ID 1222

Travis J. Todd

Founder @toast, @buddy-beers-now-babberly-inc. Advisor @silicon-allee-2 Hacker, Designer, Entrepreneur, American Expat

ID 247097

Tomaz Nedeljko

Design by engineering™ Currently at Dropbox, previously at Readmill.

ID 84804

Friedrich Kauder

Co-founder and CTO of Home on Demand. Combines background in market psychology with strong programming skills (big data, web, cloud).

ID 179703

Ken Hu

Data Engineer at @decisive; MSc in AI from @university-of-edinburgh, BS @pennsylvania-state-university; Previously, Founder @soshio, SE @hp and @skyscanner.

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Codes. Dreams. @Penn @Brown @salesforce MVP. Founder @swarm

ID 133546


Founder Ding Dong, Ding Dong

ID 160972

Alex Churchill


founder and CEO of @vonchurch. Specialist in the Digital Entertainment Staffing sector.

ID 79402

Eugenijus Radlinskas

Software developer

ID 5518

Philipp Strube

Nerd at heart, ex law student at University Bonn. @cloudcontrol founder and ceo.

ID 174849

Roger Ahn

Founder @stylesparrow • Worked at @betfair, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 11264

Bojan Babic


ID 228775

Daniel Zulla


Quality means doing it right, when nobody looks.

ID 25669

Evgenios Skitsanos

CEO at @skitsanos Inc. Strong Business Development background, running multiple international IT projects worldwide. Startups Mentor.

ID 157764

Marcel Scherf

Founder @epicrails-web-app-development, • Worked at @you-is-now, @imedo-gmbh

ID 138815

Tim Niemeier


ID 313058

Mathias Gerdt

Founder @taplab-gmbh, homewhere

ID 78619

Markus Angermeier

building the digital since 1998. Founder · CPO

ID 314532

Aidas Bendoraitis

Expert of Django and jQuery, interested in web, mobile, and game development.

ID 300489

Floor Drees

Developer evangelist. Future Neelie Kroes. Rails Girls supporter, organizer vienna.rb, PyLadies Vienna,

ID 96813

Frode Jensen

Founder @socius-1, @startup-norway • Jack of all Internet trades

ID 140583

Pedro Barrera

Founder @gymi-gym-intelligence-wearables @midr, @pinchebanco-com • Worked at @sbootcamp, @vision-consulting • Studied at @univesidad-autonoma-del-estado-de-hidalgo

ID 42645

Philipp Kruger

Founder explorist, @weltderwunder-de • Worked at @siemens, @bertelsmann-ag • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology @mit-sloan-school-of-management School of Management, @harvard-university Kenn

ID 281063

Ben Holfeld

Mobile App Expert

ID 485552

Marcus Willner

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 96682

Will Perkins

Worked at @ezeep-1

ID 310466

Will Madden

Cofounder of Geddit. Expert in frontend development with JS/Angular and web technologies. Quality zealot.

ID 49539

Paul Nelligan

Currently working on - a better way for musicians to represent themselves online. Also working part-time as a RoR developer.

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 76918

Heiko Rauch

ID 97970

Robert Reiz

Founded @ploin in 2008 and sold it 2010 to Reutax AG. Worked 2011 as Managing Director for WildGigs SF. Since 2012 CEO & Founder @versioneye.

ID 46422

Ian Moss

Experienced Developer(RoR/Java), Face to face collaboration promoter, People connector, Co-Founder. Music fan. Walker.

ID 227617

Gianluca Varisco

Open Source Enthusiast. Geek. Head of Global Security @rocket-internet

ID 296868

Hendrik Beck

15+ years engineering experience; hands-on lean and agile; built teams and launched products in Vietnam and Myanmar; loves leading engineering teams and people

ID 310156

Lars Klein

Founder (of Flyft). Self-independent web-development, -design and -consulting services. Editor in chief of Unity Insider.

ID 46573

James C Russell

Founder & CTO of PayPerTask Ltd • Worked at @vmware, @self-employed-2

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 68173

Milan Vasic

Lead front end developer and Co-partner on @twingz, holder of M Sc in Computer science, Worked on several international projects, entrepreneur and mentor.

ID 305205

Halil Köklü

Team builder and techical leader. Head of Ecommerce Tech @broadmargins. Once @koding. Ex-CTO @namshi.

ID 484177

Georg Kitz

Trying to solve every day problems with software.

ID 85179

Michael Xander

Co-Founder of @hikewith-me. Half of @my-morning-routine. curator. I like tech, design, traveling and startups. ✈

ID 112333

Erik Stromlund

iOS and Rails developer. Owner of @fathomworks. Studied @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 68133

Kelly Davis

Worked at @mental-images, @max-planck-institute-for-gravitational-physics • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 298015

Kevin Valdek

CTO and co-founder of @high-mobility-1. Experience with many different technologies. Mindset to keep things lean and clean.

ID 249496

Lindsay Kay

3D software developer (WebGL), SceneJS author, platform architect for @biodigitalhuman

ID 336555

Christian Beier

Founder @shoutr-labs-ug

ID 56609

Corrado Alesso

Founder @creonomy • Worked at @uberall-com • Studied at @politecnico-milano, @universita-degli-studi-di-genova

ID 473771

Manuel Holtz

Founder @jobspotting • Worked at @google • Studied at @open-university-london, @uni-duisburg-essen-ise

ID 270619

Nick Garland

Worked at @stubhub, @karangoo-com • Studied at @university-of-kentucky

ID 362916

Mario Di Nucci

CTO & Co-Founder @gruvit-1. Worked for 6 years as Software Engineer @plinga and @exprivia. Experienced Java developer.

ID 202254

Karolina Szczur

ID 264917

Alexander Reeg

Entrepreneur and Founder KptnCook, professional freelance software developer. Alumni @startupweekend , @lisbon-challenge, @angelhack

ID 225336

Timo Borreck

Software Engineer with a passion for startups

ID 589001

Mike Rötgers

CTO & Founder @wunderdata-gmbh

ID 385401

Michele Dallachiesa

Three-time co-founder, PhD in computer science, worked at IBM Research in New York and QCRI in Qatar.

ID 149994

Kajetan Armansperg

Founder of Alive. Economist (HEC Paris, Mannheim, Bain & Company) turned designer-developer (Alive). Travel enthusiast, marathon runner & mountain climber.

ID 642773

Lior Hesed

Experienced software manager, architect and developer. Always interested in learning new things and hearing about good opportunities

ID 242947

Lukas Murmann

Co-Founder qLearning Applications. Studied in Munich (TUM) and London (UCL). Engineer for backend and mobile.

ID 222173

Mathias Nestler

Did some stuff.

ID 206137

Jan Johannes

Founder of flux, your inbox for all networks.

ID 89876

Enrico Icardi

CPO & Co-Founder @sharedesk 8+ years Front-end/ Back-end engineering. Collaborative Consumption Enthusiast.

ID 122844

Tibor Szász

I used to disassemble things as a child, now I can put them together. Founder of Stunn, UX fanatic, design and music lover. Building things is my passion.

ID 486984

Christian Fleschhut

Frontend Developer, Marathon Runner, Music Addict

ID 125906

Mathias Beugnon

I work with great entrepreneurs to make epic things. — Event organizer | Tech Nerd | Love Music x Photography | Draw subways | Good food lover & coffee addict

ID 343562

Ted Haile

Harvard MA (Mgmt), UCLA BS (Math/Econ), 10+ years of Software Development and IT Strategy Consulting. Strong Data Analysis/Business Integellience background

ID 250548

Júlio Santos

A Software Engineer and a great cook.

ID 256466

Christopher Milton

Great at connecting disparate, incompatible systems via various messaging platforms, developing new interfaces from scratch, web, database, mainframe, SOAP, REST

ID 53558

Malte B.

studied business informatics - involved in different web-app projects since then - working as software architect - interested in SOA, Web Services etc.

ID 187017

Martin Sookael

Serial entrepreneur, Chief Everything Officer @, Strong startup and product management background. Also fluent in marketing, social media and sales.

ID 279825

Sergei Sokolov

Tech-head: built two startups, evolved many as a backend architect. Art-head: photographer and musician.

ID 86530

Sebastian Schkudlara

Founder @jevvel, @medialvoz, @palabea-gmbh

ID 289921

Marc Fuehnen

Experience of 7 years working as (senior/lead) frontend developer, specialized in fullstack js development (mongo/couch, node, mvc), team lead, Berlin, en, de

ID 436773

Christian Gambardella

Co-Founder @totalcommerce, Founder @liveslide-1

ID 71321

Søren Houen

Senior backend developer / Ruby on Rails expert

ID 442409

Amy Li

Freelance brand strategist and digital marketing consultant. Formerly at @nycdigital and @good.

ID 334762

Thomas Kadauke

Berlin startup founder, Ruby on Rails developer, Mobile App developer, Google SoC Fellow

ID 162268

Antje Marx

developer. Worked for PANORAMA3000, Warner Bros. and @google

ID 286966

Sebastian Küpers

Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Developer, Gamer

ID 165713

Eric Anderson

Worked at @telesocial, @kadoink • Studied at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

ID 190329

kippibox team

A monthly drink of Italy! We deliver a monthly box with the best choice of italian taste.

ID 211318

Farid Kalirad

Worked @home24, @rocket-internet, @timeslot

ID 80333

Manuel Bieh

Web and Mobile Developer, Book Author and Frontend Magician. Addicted to HTML5, JavaScript and the web

ID 263575

Kirk Bradley Peterkin

Technology Co-Founder VidBid. Integrating platforms, building solutions, and prototyping the future. Technologist - Strategist - Cellist

ID 630306

Omkar Vedpathak

Full-stack software engineer, Oxford Engineering Major with prior experience in Automotive Engineering.

ID 255979

Alvaro Feito-Boirac, PhD

re.nooble founder • Quantum physics PhD @imperial-college-london • research engineer @vestas • coder, scientist, creative mind.

ID 272809

Manish Parihar

IOS Engineer Worked at startup companies only

ID 287700

Jens Ravens

CTO at OnTime, CEO at code&design. Worked at nulleins™ and erasys GmbH. Software Developer and Designer.

ID 468022

André Wiedemann

Co-Founder @hikewith-me • Worked at @searchmetrics-inc, @frogster-online-gaming

ID 236500

david pichsenmeister

co-founder @orat-io, web developer, distributed systems, mobile computing.

ID 126444

Tino Wittig

ID 466121

Robin Gower

Software Developer and Economist; 8 years experience; Cambridge University

ID 244596

Dennis Charles Hackethal

Founder @stagelink • Worked at @bank-of-america, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @hu-berlin, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

ID 89676

Peter Mädel

Founder & CDO of FOUNDD, a personalized discovery engine.

ID 105043

Fabian Gebert

Startup Manager for Enterprise Startups

ID 316369

Thomas v. Pilar

The business guy in our new Mobile Payment venture mpax

ID 392279

Marit Brademann

Worked at @groupon, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-mannheim, @warsaw-school-of-economics

ID 175188

Christian Riedel

Co-Founder | CTO FOUNDD Worked at @nokia Siemens Networks, @mybet, @tomfy

ID 317349

Marco Raddatz

Founder @empuxa • Worked at @forvm

ID 430243

Paul Filipow

Founder monograf • Studied at @university-of-alberta

ID 426770

Nicolas Zimmer

CEO of TSB Technology Foundation Berlin. Former Permanent Secretary for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin, Germany. Cocoa Developer. Former IP lawyer.

ID 107363

Charel Buchler

Organized events & meetups for developers in Luxembourg and Berlin. Creating great experiences is what matters.

ID 10149

Matthieu Aussaguel

Founder of @fliplingo , Design minded developer who likes to ask questions. Former engineer at @envato.

ID 573411

James Lafa

Freelance web developer : AngularJS / Ruby On Rails / WebRTC / D3.js

ID 155482

Emiliano Saurin

Founder @klash • Worked at @favor-it-1

ID 173424


Web developer developer with a Masters degree in Computer Science and two years of experience post-studies.

ID 558043

Harald Doderer

Worked at @rocket-internet, @todaytickets, lead developer at

ID 400825

Valerio Donati

Software Engineer & Product Owner at Banzai with a strong Full stack development background; launched 2 successful Web startups.

ID 66998

Friedemann Kiersch

CS student, currently at Thesis work in cooperation with @yahoo Research, multi-year web development track record.

ID 397950

Carmela Fortunata Acevedo

Carnegie Mellon CS, Web developer, Previous startup experience

ID 613092

Tony Yustein

Launched and sold Internet companies since 1990, believer in mobile and collaboration convergence, expert in Internet technologies with marketing experience.

ID 297778

Tan Özaslan

Proficient in the real-world applications of both supervised and unsupervised machine-learning algorithms. Vast experience in mining hidden gems located within large sets of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.

ID 193827

David Carter

Web developer, with a focus on front-end development

ID 553426

Aaron McCoy

Founder @betbox. Strong product design, development, UX and business strategy experience in several entrepreneurial ventures.

ID 674017

Amir Baer

Freelance Software Developer; 7 Years of Diverse Experience in Technology and Management; Released as Captain from IDF Intelligence Corps

ID 417141

Dominik Hofer

Founder splots • Worked at @moosify, @technical-university-of-vienna • Studied at @vienna-technical-university

ID 563037

Daniel Amireh

Software Engineer

ID 195162

Morgan Sully

Founder @appleseed-hosting-llc • Worked at @agora-collective, @national-alliance-for-media-arts-culture • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 207414

Austin Richardson

PhD student at the University of Florida. Currently researching the human gut microbiome in relation to Type 1 Diabetes.

ID 442988

Jonathan Koch

seven year apple veteran w/ diverse skills & experience. vagabond traveler. musician. contemplative ecologist.

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 209153

Timo Bolse

Worked at @volkswagen-electronics-research-lab • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences-duesseldorf, @hamburg-university-of-technology

ID 155860

Michael Gorski

ID 149930

Leonard Stellbrink

Worked at @rocket-internet, @neofonie-mobile • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences-berlin. Developed several iOS Applications as contract work

ID 655792

Avraam Mavridis

Worked at @epic-companies

ID 298780

Jan Rösner

Founder kassomat, @obsolete-project • Worked at @moviepilot, @dailydeal • Studied at @humboldt-universitaet-zu-berlin

ID 146838

Stephen O'Connor

iOS Specialist. Over 10 Apps published to the AppStore as Lead Developer. Been at it since iOS 2.0

ID 378695


Expat motivated frontend web engineer looking for exciting new opportunities in a new city, NYU IS,

ID 283678

Paul Grau

Web Developer

ID 690220

David Haber

ID 143663

Chris Leishman

Worked at @thoughtworks • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 618835

Tim Gendron

University of Waterloo ECE; Low-level Software Developer, Arduino Enthusiast. Looking for something to get passionate about.

ID 503516

Paris Theofanidis

Lead PHP Developer | Senior Software Engineer | Tech Lead

ID 678030

Davide Ramaglietta

Web Application Developer. European Master Degree in Software Engineer. Strong Computer Science background. Based in Berlin. Wish to relocate in USA.

ID 506788

Julian Bez

Founder @republic-of-commerce, @bookya • Worked at @sponsorpay • Studied at @htw-berlin

ID 249411

Javier Venegas

iOS Developer of Eversnap. I work for my first startup in Birstol UK., After that mi interest for iOS Apps is growing and growing.

ID 185457

Martin From

Entrepreneur and founder of Clozt.

ID 561787

Markus Feyh

Lean Software Engineer MSc, Finance and Disruption, Works at SumUp

ID 145853

Ulrich Kautz

Sys Administration (AWS, Webhosting, Debian), Programming (Perl, PHP, C), CXO @fortrabbit

ID 147506

Christoph Hellmuth

ID 467083

Joel Purra

Full stack generalist developer; polyglot; open source enthusiast; Swedish. Available from August/September 2014.

ID 212487

Mohamed Magdy

Founder @lienzo • Worked at @badrit • Studied at @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 153862

Kevin Barnett

front end engineering @getyourguide. previously @digg, @new-york-magazine, @mlb-advanced-media

ID 135163

Sam Khawase

• Founder @coderdojo-des-moines • Mobile Developer at @Visual-Meta Berlin • Studied at Government College of Engineering, @Amravati-university

ID 272406

Pedro Esperanca

Founder @wave-cat & @a-tua-mae • started coding in 2010 and haven't stopped since

ID 389226

Claudio Brandolino

Front-end software engineer; frontpaged HN a couple of times; experiments with new browser features before they're documented; knows JS for real.

ID 95380

Diego Araos

Entrepreneur and Engineer

ID 320120

Jilles van Gurp

Interested in web, x.y upgrades of that, and the relation to wgs '84 coordinates in the real world. Co-founder & CTO of

ID 465268

Adam Rudd

Australian born, Berlin based node.js engineer.

ID 221893

Neha Shah

Hire me if you're looking for a passionate web developer or product manager.

ID 28611

Halle Winkler

Director, Politepix. Created @apple Staff Favorite app AllHours & voice recognition/TTS SDK OpenEars

ID 631989

Jakob Pupke

BSc. student of Computer Science @ HTW Berlin, Experienced with MVC Frameworks, Java and latest web technologies.

ID 550531

Claudio Viola

Software Engineer and Programmer Worked at @amadeus • Studied at @politecnico-milano and @tongji-university speaking IT,EN,FR some ZH and ES.

ID 244643

Robin Greenwood

Founder @verni, @divvydoo • Worked at @the-mill, @brand-new-school • Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1

ID 129398

Chris K ühl

Founder AngelClique • Worked at @openismus-gmbh, @geodetics-inc • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 53404

Benjamin Kampmann

Presiden and CEO of "@club-der-beschleuniger-eg". Hand-On Craftsman for the startup business. Located in Berlin, Germany.

ID 479441

Martin Micklinghoff

Full Stack Developer and Business Analyst, 9+ year experiences (Google, SoundCloud, Verizon,...), excited to work for ambitious projects with big impact!

ID 306244

Billy Rennekamp

Freelance PHP and general web development since 2009

ID 208911

Cedric May

Founder @mylane

ID 85226

Jürgen Walter

Very experienced Rails engineer with strong background in business. Currently at high-traffic startup in Berlin, previously in San Francisco and Vancouver.

ID 691858

Giedrius Lescinskas

BSc CompSci Graduate, full-time web developer, developed:,, websites, problem solver, creative active soul

ID 46293

Christian Rühringer

Co-Founder of @smart-internet-solutions (Awesome Projects and Domain Investments) with Passion for Design, Internet Businesses, New Technologies and Traveling.

ID 312282

Lars Butzmann

M.Sc IT System Engineering, Python and Javascript enthusiast, front-end to back-end, database performance optimizer, working student at SAP

ID 464672

Asaf Zamir

Web [PHP (Yii, CI, Kohana), Python (Django), JS (jQuery, JQ Mobile)] & Mobile (Phonegap) Developer

ID 145772

Oliver Stark

Co-Founder @fortrabbit - Helping PHP developers to deploy, host and scale awesome applications.

ID 191532

Peter Magenheimer

Designer and front end developer with over 8 years of professional experience. Moved to Berlin in 2013, and currently working at ResearchGate.

ID 456143

Spiros Dimopulos

Frontend Engineer / Web Mobile + RESTful API Developer; co-founder of; C.E.I.D at University of Patras 2009; Master at Medical Informatics 2011

ID 240945

Angelo Romano

Sicilian, European, python expert, charismatic, free thinker, creative, artist, musician, polyglot.

ID 265555

Matthew Gates

Worked at @t-mobile, @amdocs • Studied at @university-of-hertfordshire. Developer for OTP, telecoms billing, embedded (Arduino/PIC), open source (Stellarium)

ID 29218

Djamel Gasbakid

ID 490315

Ernests Karlsons

Founder @dreamflat • Worked at @mccann-erickson, @hungry-lab • Studied at @university-of-latvia

ID 178372

Sebastian Oehlschläger

Founder @prefery & @snatch • Developed automated pricing system for @zalando • Alumni Humboldt University Berlin in Finance & Econometrics

ID 556581

Francesco Occhipinti

full stack developer, passionate for data visualisation, attentive to the project management aspects, interested in social and human impact of technology

ID 640020

Manuel Meyer

Kickass iOS developer with hardcore UI/UX skills. Experience as team and technology lead.

ID 427482

Nicolas Brugneaux

Web lover and junior developer

ID 242535

Christoph Zamaitat

Worked as a Web Designer and Frontend Developer in two companies, other freelance jobs.

ID 156481

Janosch Asen

web geek, nature lover, entrepreneur. Founder & CTO @farfromhomepage

ID 622072

Reynir Björnsson

Functional programmer

ID 464713

Arvid E. Picciani

Software Engineer | Communication Technology | Internet of Things | H+ | Open-Source | Applied Research | Embedded Systems | Full stack multi-tier Platforms |

ID 526461

Martin Rosellen

Enthusiastic project/product manager, focus on data visualization/user experience, strong background in scientific methods/theoretical topics

ID 643291

Christof Glaser

Experienced Ruby and Javascript Developer; Startup Consultant. Excelling at application architecture and database design.

ID 141741

Jason Forrest

CEO @network-awesome (curated online TV site). Creative Director at Radosaur Productions. Developed a few iOS apps, Professional Musician.

ID 28109

Sebastian Herrlinger

Experienced lead developer. Worked on social media platforms and video streaming technology. Open Source enthusiast.

ID 551646

Jelle Akkerman

Worked at @3plet, @dream-industries

ID 273951

Anton Kahr

Loves Coding JS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP. Austrian in Germany. Tatort-Fan.

ID 219333

Ziga Dolar

iOS developer; 3+ years iOS experience; Created over 5 mobile apps/games; Multimedia engineer.

ID 80751

Andrii Gakhov

Software developer and data analyst, Ph.D.

ID 125937

Tobias Christensen

Founder of ZiTYZEN, Software Engineer at LitePoint

ID 661802

Christian Mehlis

I'm a 100% IoT enthusiast with focus on the software and the operating system that runs directly on the embedded hardware.

ID 97497

Ronny Ahlswede

Product & Media Engineer

ID 486530

Chris Hammerschmidt

Scientist and Risk Taker · math, cs and their applications

ID 91423

Gillis van den Broeke

Data scientist with experience as operations director in digital agency.

ID 480376

Sergio Margalé Anadón

Senior Java developer with 7 years of commercial experience. Experience in all phases of the software development life cycle. Long experience in startups.

ID 377107

Elvio Vicosa

Lead Developer of; Worked in the consultancy side, helping clients to launch their products. Now, I help startups to plan, execute and launch theirs

ID 583877

Jose Antonio Salguero

Full stack engineer with 8 years of experience, specialised in scalable UI optimised web applications using Javascript, Node.js and Java.

ID 69960

Henrik Personn

Founder Anura Project • Worked at @agd-solar-trading-ltd • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences-berlin

ID 686261

Cihan Avci

ID 491017

Zoltán Marić

Java backend developer in the satellite industry, Ruby/Rails developer at home. Moving to Berlin in April

ID 363005

Christoph Nagel

Co-founder of; M.Sc. of Computer Science; Loves Kitesurfing

ID 475953

Christoph André Müller

CTO at @coffee-circle Founder of @shake-fit-gmbh • Third Company • Studied CS & Economics at @university-of-hannover

ID 487616

Florian Ebeling

Engineer and Entrepreneur.

ID 661398

Filipe Catraia

Co-founded small things. Full-stack developer, who dreams of being a rational designer and coding things in Assembly. Activist, reader aficionado, vegan.

ID 321552

Bastien Grasnick

CS student in Berlin, web development enthusiast and hungry for more

ID 265251

Katarzyna Bednarek

Logical and mathematical thinking, Master of Science and Engineer, Rummikub player

ID 512794

Kai Oliver Goldmann

Founder @shootbook, @cloudspotter • Fashion Photographer; UX Designer; iOS Development Manager • Worked at @friendscout24 • Graduated from HM Munich

ID 141379

Wagner Patriota

Studied at @unicamp-universidade-estadual-de-campinas

ID 466662

Ismail Ceylan

Founder Zeplin • Worked at @pozitron, @sumup • Studied at @isik-university

ID 470131

Frank Blechschmidt

B.Sc. IT-Systems Engineering at HPI Potsdam, Germany; Back-end Developer (mostly Go)

ID 215253

Lennart Lott

Entrepreneur - Developer - Designer

ID 438662

Fabian Jahr

ID 658689

Dominik Michalski

ID 393811


Full stack generalist; failing since 1998

ID 157424

Sebastian Sucker

Founding Partner | Director | Software Developer @endocode-ag

ID 354420

Albert Bravo

Co-Founder at Uminis. Expert in biophysical signals. Strong background in statistical signal processing applied to novel noninvasive sensing techniques.

ID 228418

Antonio Stilo

Front end developer with +15y of experience, love design and conceive new products

ID 579893

Stefan Raue

Founder @streamspotter-technology

ID 544398

Georg Graf

Full stack web developer, HTML5 and Audio enthusiast, worked at Fraunhofer FOKUS on WebRTC

ID 701129

Stefan Wirth

iOS dev, Telematics student

ID 214043

Dan Bender

Executive MBA student @TU Munich, UC Berkeley and HHL Leipzig; Founder @myskoob

ID 574528

Richard Spindler

CS Master, Experienced GUI Developer, Hackerspace Founder, Teacher, Generalist

ID 700250

Simon Schubert

love pushing bits; security first; open source; open hardware

ID 178393

jerald callaway

Studied at @belmont-abbey-college. Working for Coeus-solutions a web development company.

ID 571586

João Costa

ID 77977

Max Tillich

Running Product Gang, a new kind of tech consultancy where design and development is one. Leading development at @boiler-room-1. Early @datasift alumni.

ID 702926

Nebojsa Miletic

Full stack engineer, well educated, quick learner, interested in streamlining processes and the big picture, experienced in managing on​and offs​hore teams.

ID 527334

Olof Frahm

Backend engineer, low to high-level, MSc 2011.

ID 459137

Simon Steinhöfel

Founded @designer-wg, @base9-at-co-working-space-salzburg. Worked @european-southern-observatory-eso, @hubble-space-telescope-eso-esa-nasa, @global-nights-com

ID 615250

Felix Gläske

Passionated backend engineer; DevOps skills; Berlin; Part time; Remote

ID 497915

Krzysztof Gibas

ID 569513

Gustav Frisholm

ID 295444

Jefferson Sofarelli

Senior Software Engineer

ID 536918

Michael Jachmann

Senior Frontend Developer

ID 80869


ID 299574

Martin B.

yes and yes and yes

ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 422419

Juan Uicich

Full stack generalist, experienced in managing developers and clients.

ID 482661

Darren Cadwallader

Politically & environmentally aware. Also, a frontend web person.

ID 491709

Björn Wagner

CTO of WeCycle, Software Engineer, Specialized on Mobile and Cloud-based Enterprise Applications, Worked at SAP, Signavio and as a Consultant

ID 411419

Torben Simon Meier

Founder & CEO @AppClouds #Developer @gutado #TechGeek #Startup-Mentor #Entrepreneur #Apple-friend #Lean Startup Consulting

ID 513310

Christian Rijke

software developer and music geek.

ID 482594

Andre Zayarni

Sr. Software Engineer & Web Developer, worked at StudiVZ, Bigpoint and couple smaller startups

ID 492696

Stephan Gabler

ID 457846



ID 483906

M.Ali Bekiroglu

coming soon

ID 410350

Sven Schröder

ID 501947

Kirsty Pollock

Experienced client server application developer with strong database design skills. Full project life cycle experience. TDD, Agile, CI/Continuous Deployment.

ID 418962

Florian Keller

Studying Media Informatics, working at @mylane

ID 445314

Denis Wolf

Developer developer developer, aspired and in love with start-ups. Cloud systems, high load front-end, Big Data.

ID 512806

Arsalan Shah

Worked at Buddyexpress Network

ID 478371

Tiago Taveira

Product Manager and Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails)

ID 690255

Harmen B.

Go/Python/&c backend business.

ID 512681

Brian Fløe


ID 453535

Alessandro Balasco

ID 440195

Max Julian Dreißig

Technical Lead, JavaScript/CoffeeScript Evangelist, Agile Team Manager, Physicist. Worked e.g. at Ebay and founded his own mobile-development agency.

ID 462185

Meziane Hadjadj

Android Developer, Google Student Ambassador

ID 340345

Alex Lambiris

Developer with solid software engineering background, full web stack experience and design sensibilities. Co-founder of - working on

ID 688181

Joe Webb

Current Dev Bootcamp Student, Michigan Tech Electrical Engineering Technology Grad, Worked at FANUC Robotics

ID 311316

Lili Cosic

Backend developer based in Berlin {Python (Flask and Django), Rails, MongoDB}. Used to do iOS.

ID 638981

Ruben Gamarra

QA / Junior Java Developer - at GoEuro Corp

ID 682251

Guillermo Guirao Aguilar

Aerospace engineer with a strong IT background

ID 330747

Till Reiter

Javascript fullstack developer. Worked at Capgemini Consulting. Fullstack Academy of Code 2014. Vienna Psychology 2012.

ID 642722

Lalo Martins


ID 290244

Sebastian Morkisch

Erst grübeln, dann dübeln.

ID 223015

Milad Majidi

CEO, Founder

ID 309725

Marco Peise

Founder Sunride • Worked at @ibm, @bmw-group-designworksusa

ID 371706

Danilo Penna Queiroz

Bsc Computer Science; Backend Software Engineer experienced with distributed system, Java, Python, Scrum and TDD.

ID 232369

J. Mouse Braun

Went from simple scripting to building fully interactive ajax/JavaScript/PHP site in just over a month ( Fully comfortable with my ability to grasp any unknown programming language

ID 394911

Patrick Rein

ID 681251

Chris Whamond

ID 319116


ID 218145

Dirk Eisold

Co-founder of Wingman app, Founder of IT Consulting Dirk Eisold

ID 207678

Luca Cesarini

Phd in Hotel Management and Culinary Art, Executive Chef, worked in Top International Hotels as: Pelican Hill, USA, The Sukhothai - Thailand, St Regis - China;

ID 282805

Michael Lindqvist

To be continued...

ID 638648

Tomas Mattia

ID 240205

Dennis Ruske

Freelance Web and Mobile Developer; Worked at T-Systems International

ID 124999

Phillip Oertel

Ruby on Rails Developer, prev. also worked as CTO and Scrum Master. Agile, pragmatic, experienced, good comunicator, always learning.

ID 188117

Milan Cermak

A full-stack dev, analytical, communicative, self-driven, systematic. Fast learner with attention to detail. I love coffee, cities, data and technology.

ID 663264

Jocelyn Turcotte

C++ software engineer working on Qt, QtWebKit and QtWebEngine

ID 122567

Udo K. Giessing sen.

[email protected] - Analysis & Publishing

ID 99511

Mykola Bugaiov

Your bio can't be blank

ID 170499

Martin-Zack Mekkaoui


ID 63440


web developer..php (symfony2, magento) & frontend (jQuery, yui3, LESS)..interested in innovative web apps & ecommerce!

ID 131985

Simon Eichenauer

MVP- / Customer-Focused CTO / Developer / Scrum Master, Pragmatic Programmer

ID 675385

Oleksiy Khilkevich

Full-stack software all-arounder, practical to the bones. Core skills are Java, JavaScript and devops

ID 100325

Richard Metzler

I started programming in GWBasic in 1992 when I was 12. Now I know many more languages and frameworks. My favourites are node, Ruby & Erlang.

ID 142926

Ferit T.

Finished masters' degree. Ambitious Developer & PM. GTD mentality, JS Janissary. Currently working on Frontend, SPA Development by day & Windows 8 by Night.

ID 80150

Alexey Hanin

Senior Software Engineer in field of enterprise applications and mobile platforms.

ID 104390

Benjamin Eckart

Co-Founder of @squadmail, Master Of Science in IT Systems Engineering

ID 81385

Michael Urbanski

Worked at @google and @microsoft.

ID 211804

Dominic Frohlof

Founder of @mvsic-1, worked at @hubert-burda-media, @epubli (Holtzbrinck Digital)

ID 75622

Manuel Meurer

Founder @productwidgets

ID 160520

Andi G.

IT-Specialist, Application Development, interested in new web technologies

ID 138089

Gregory Terzian

Python/Django dev

ID 675319

Eugene Hauptmann

Professional with ambition of getting interesting work done. Joy of extreme programming and hardcore programming problems.

ID 141212


make something you yourself would use

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