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ID 246062

Jasson Schrock

Co-founder @heipile. I'm an Entrepreneur, Designer, Photographer, Travel Addict, Intermittent Mad Scientist as well as a Former Googler, YouTuber, and Farm Boy.

ID 162433

Eli Altman

Creative Director @a-hundred-monkeys. Mentor @500startups. Author of Formerly Brand Strategist @metadesign. @university-of-california-los-angeles design 2007.

ID 242946

Christoph Bach

Student of Business Information Systems, frontend-developer, webdesigner and guitarist who loves to play the blues.

ID 91504

Alexander Haase

Designer @eyeem, Co-Founder @momenta • Worked at @waymate, @tribal-ddb

ID 78830

Stan Bugaev

Co-Founder at Epiclist, Business Designer, Explorer, driven to create impact through design and innovation.

ID 164806

Jan Martin

Co-Founder and Designer @6wunderkinder

ID 299729

Behrad Mirafshar

M.S.c on Design Thinking and Innovation

ID 116934

Marcus Hauer

ID 164812

Benedikt Lehnert


Chief Design Officer @6wunderkinder - leading an extraordinary talented product design team working on Wunderlist

ID 247097

Tomaz Nedeljko

Design by engineering™ Currently at Dropbox, previously at Readmill.

ID 191765

Tim Giesler

Currently working on something new. Freelance Digital Art Director @TG/AD, Founder @goodtrip

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 209980

Emanuel Schwarz

Co-Founder of Maker of things.

ID 127617

Marat Dyatko

Devigner or Deseloper. Worked at @nokia, @ostrovok, @yandex, @livejournal, Qiwi.

ID 381407

Cat Noone

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer @LiberioApp — Simple eBook creation and one-click publishing. Lover of meaningful, beautiful and easy to use products.

ID 29880

Jorge Díaz

Startup Tech Founder. Team builder, Rails, Agile Development. 10+ years in the game.

ID 58441

Manuel Weiss

Founder/Design @codeship Front-End Developer. 6 years experience in UX-Design. @techstars-1 Boston.

ID 160972

Alex Churchill


founder and CEO of @vonchurch. Specialist in the Digital Entertainment Staffing sector.

ID 482355

Zander Brade

ID 160936

Alessandra Noelting

Co-Founder @atlas-sailed • Hardware, Electronics & 3D printing • Entrepreneur and award winning app creator.

ID 187869

Danielle Reid

Co-founder, @the-early-edition-by-capsule-fm, @sterio-me & @snapcat. @sandbox-network member. Audio I Media I Technology. Taking care of the creative.

ID 193572

Christoph Hellmuth

Lead Designer at @blinkist-1 Previous @purmeo @6wunderkinder, @friendsurance Founder @close-guru •

ID 296018

Brian Yeung

Director of Product Design, SoundCloud. Formerly at Google Ventures, Kinect, Xbox, CMU. Experienced in web, mobile, exhibits, and games.

ID 273288

Eva Hoefer

Multidisciplinary Senior Designer, strong background in brand identity UI/UX Design, co-founded KptnCook, worked at MetaDesign, designed mobile Apps.

ID 180217

Matthias Kretschmann

UI/UX designer & frontend developer massaging & coding pixels @ezeep-1

ID 105912

Ric Ferrer

entrepreneur @533, founder @EDELSTALL, CCO @doctapers, UI/UX-Designer, web developer, gadget geek, mobile warrior, likes turtles. English|German|Spanish

ID 99904

Eray Basar

I'm with the new stuff

ID 29508

Carlo LaPadula

Founder @headwalk-germany-gmbh • Studied at @ict-marketing-university

ID 167981

Maxim Tkachuk

• Founder @trendkill-designers • Worked at @frog-design, @UsabilityLab • Studied Design at Usability Week (NNGroup) and Software Development at ZSTU

ID 78619

Markus Angermeier

building the digital since 1998. Founder · CPO

ID 202254

Karolina Szczur

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 121871

Sebastian Dehling

Business Designer and Strategist - I go with the flow to get shit done, but regularly off the beaten pass to fail, learn and repeat.

ID 303688

Mariusz Cieśla

Designer. Developer. Gamer. Co-founder @lifetramp. Passionate and opinionated. I like to make a difference.

ID 228775

Daniel Zulla


Quality means doing it right, when nobody looks.

ID 533099

Claus Hollensteiner

I design & code websites. Fuck print.

ID 187334

Chris Morrison

Product and game designer. Before switching fields, I was an early employee at two successful web media brands, VentureBeat and Inside Network.

ID 223980

Bulk Edit

Information Architect, UX / GUI-Designer

ID 281063

Ben Holfeld

Mobile App Expert

ID 395689

Julien Donck

Hyper Island Graduate in Digital Media, working as a Digital Product Designer.

ID 89879

dario aschero

Design Lead & Co-Founder @SharedDesks. Design Lead 6+ years experience in Senior Designer roles for top European agencies.

ID 517266

Igor Mikhnenko

Founder HelpMeNow, @gero • Worked at @yota as Creative Director

ID 48559

Louis Flanigan

Founder MySprts • Brand developer • Studied at @university-of-delaware • Loves sports!

ID 212512

Nico Hagenburger

Worked at @hackerhires, @moviepilot

ID 107241

Cuchi Costa

Head of Product @moviepilot • Product Designer @muchbeta @miguelriosdesign • Studied Design

ID 287700

Jens Ravens

CTO at OnTime, CEO at code&design. Worked at nulleins™ and erasys GmbH. Software Developer and Designer.

ID 466121

Robin Gower

Software Developer and Economist; 8 years experience; Cambridge University

ID 627817

Jo Jansch


ID 486984

Christian Fleschhut

Frontend Developer, Marathon Runner, Music Addict

ID 35212

Katrin Suess

CTO / Founder Vimily • Founder @bleebook • Founder ZeroMail • MA Design Innovation. Worked as the leading UI designer for start-ups in Australia & Germany.

ID 189744


Diploma Communication Design

ID 142761

Jens Nikolaus

I design digital products and services. Co-founder of @you-the-gang. Formerly at, Edenspiekermann, Amen and more. Started up.front

ID 186139

Daniel Butler

Co-Founder / CEO Socius

ID 568594

Perțe Raul

CEO at @webrising

ID 442409

Amy Li

Freelance brand strategist and digital marketing consultant. Formerly at @nycdigital and @good.

ID 350238

Ricardo Rohr

Brazilian Interactive Art Director with focus on concept development, creative strategy, conceptual thinking and art direction.

ID 89626

Baris Erkol

UX & UI Design -Communicating design ideas through sketches, wireframes & mockups. -Interactive prototyping. -Collaboration with design & engineering team.

ID 328192

João Ramos

Designer & developer at archify

ID 301764

Thomas Weyres

Co-founder and visual designer @dotdotdot, worked as one of the managing directors of, freelanced for MTV, SonyBMG, MySpace.

ID 303097

Bart Zimny

Co-Founder & CEO of CLIME. CEO of VORMlab. Product Designer, amateur glutton, cycling hotspur, sci-fi lover, doodle pro.

ID 147506

Christoph Hellmuth

ID 272406

Pedro Esperanca

Founder @wave-cat & @a-tua-mae • started coding in 2010 and haven't stopped since

ID 442988

Jonathan Koch

seven year apple veteran w/ diverse skills & experience. vagabond traveler. musician. contemplative ecologist.

ID 271327

Katja Avant-Hard

I am a multi-media expert, who is looking for new creative and professional possibilities.

ID 670656

Mika Aldaba

Designer with Computer Science Degree, 2 years in Singapore, designs featured in Huffington Post, Tumblr, Lifehacker, tweeted by CNN news anchor

ID 543410

Ben Riddle

Design Maverick at Future Partners. Design Lead at Institute of Child Success. Studied at Freie Universitat Berlin & Furman University. Project M.

ID 613092

Tony Yustein

Launched and sold Internet companies since 1990, believer in mobile and collaboration convergence, expert in Internet technologies with marketing experience.

ID 232986

Conor Delahunty

Designer at

ID 580385

Claudio Gomboli

Designer & illustrator @triposo

ID 142247

Antonio Macías

Founder @myprice. Freelancer since he was 18 years old. Loves designing iOS Apps and working with Titanium @appcelerator

ID 513578

Paul Knittel

Founder @documaps-io, FlowPro • Worked at @synengco • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 226193

Christian Bauer

Design Student in Berlin. Webdesign Trends Expert.

ID 488232

Jeremy Santy

Principal and Founder at Brighten Studios. Have worked with Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Zillow and other startups.

ID 117929

Yann Sander

Co-founder at @peekstories-1. Passion for building innovative products. Worked @bmw, @eads, Strong interpersonal skills and international background. GGSB 2011

ID 553426

Aaron McCoy

Founder @betbox. Strong product design, development, UX and business strategy experience in several entrepreneurial ventures.

ID 304822

Wolfgang Bremer

Award winning Designer & UX guy, Co-Founder @, Design Lead @nokia, former Director Design & UX @strands, Startup Founder.

ID 124112

Adva Ben-Dov

Digital Art Director

ID 194166

Aurelie B.

Designer. Visual advisor and Photographer @geekettes

ID 481372

Kurt Steinwald

BA. CCO of 3FeetHi, CEO of v-Motion, Head of Worked for several companies, like Red Bull, Storck, Wilkinson, Desperados, Carlsberg, UAF,...

ID 302393

George Kvasnikov

Senior interface and graphic designer studying Interface Design and freelancing.

ID 100797

Josef Richter

ux/ui designer, mobile & web, worked in @y-combinator with @orankl-3, @hitfox Berlin, @ernst-young Prague, etc. less is more and devil is in detail.

ID 530065

Justin Allen

I do content-driven design for web, mobile and print.

ID 196685

Alejandra Temprana

Worked at @telefonica-r-d • Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1

ID 336003

Martti Mela

CEO and Co-Founder of @lifelife. Studied at @aalto-university. Strong background in internet, technology and design. 2 patents.

ID 244643

Robin Greenwood

Founder @verni, @divvydoo • Worked at @the-mill, @brand-new-school • Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1

ID 196688

Gunar Bodendiek

Online- & Affiliate Marketing Expert; Worked at @zalando

ID 46293

Christian Rühringer

Co-Founder of @smart-internet-solutions (Awesome Projects and Domain Investments) with Passion for Design, Internet Businesses, New Technologies and Traveling.

ID 640020

Manuel Meyer

Kickass iOS developer with hardcore UI/UX skills. Experience as team and technology lead.

ID 191532

Peter Magenheimer

Designer and front end developer with over 8 years of professional experience. Moved to Berlin in 2013, and currently working at ResearchGate.

ID 238208

Kieran McMillan

Freelance UX & UI specialist for web, mobile & iOS. Clients in London, Paris, Berlin & San Francisco

ID 397602

Myrto Papagiannakou

Designer in mission to transform the way people behave.

ID 356651

Artcore Illustration

Freelancer | Illustration | Graphic Design

ID 145782

Frank Lämmer

CEO at fortrabbit and grown up graffiti kid

ID 138346

Timur Carpeev

Interaction designer

ID 225573

Temi Adeniyi

Designer with strong coding skills and a passion for good user experience. Experience working in product/start-ups and in digital agencies for major brands.

ID 326712

Anton Shulgin

Building user interfaces since 2006. Twice at Yandex, now at

ID 28611

Halle Winkler

Director, Politepix. Created @apple Staff Favorite app AllHours & voice recognition/TTS SDK OpenEars

ID 196954

Kimmy Bolke

Finding out what it's all about at @blinkist-inactive. Hyper Island alumni.

ID 29218

Djamel Gasbakid

ID 247199

Linda Gavin

Original creator of the Twitter logo, CI designer.

ID 185661



Paris: Co-founder @nouvelopticien @after_set @lemanegeparis / Berlin: Head of Marketing @misterspexfr Co-founder @kiipost

ID 142255

Johannes Schacht

Founder of and @doonited • Worked on @aupeo, @orderbird and with

ID 162834

Victoria Leontieva

UI/UX specialist, Dribbble inspiration addict. I have a passion for neat UI design, beautiful graphics and things that are possible with HTML5 & CSS3.

ID 512794

Kai Oliver Goldmann

Founder @shootbook, @cloudspotter • Fashion Photographer; UX Designer; iOS Development Manager • Worked at @friendscout24 • Graduated from HM Munich

ID 215253

Lennart Lott

Entrepreneur - Developer - Designer

ID 680801

Christoph Böhmer

ID 418795

om choudhary

Web developer, Electronics Engineer

ID 242535

Christoph Zamaitat

Worked as a Web Designer and Frontend Developer in two companies, other freelance jobs.

ID 228418

Antonio Stilo

Front end developer with +15y of experience, love design and conceive new products

ID 551646

Jelle Akkerman

Worked at @3plet, @dream-industries

ID 444059

Ileana Constantinescu


ID 308855

Matt Whiteley

A highly skilled and extremely motivated User Interface & User Experience designer.

ID 622852

Jonas Brandau

Founder of - UX Designer, Product-Guy, Filmmaker

ID 695649

Ida Kymmer

Creative Direction with the depth of anthropology and journalism in in combination with creative experience from stage, installations, and design.

ID 156481

Janosch Asen

web geek, nature lover, entrepreneur. Founder & CTO @farfromhomepage

ID 168826

Dominic Hoffmann

Screen- and Printdesign since 2001

ID 636121

Stefan Knorr

Engineer, Founder of designIng, worked at TU Berlin, Charité Berlin, Biotronik

ID 429123

Marco Waldner

Design & Co-Founder @hellowins

ID 463763

Imran Sheikh

MA Interactive Media at LCC London. UX Director at KKLD* Berlin.

ID 311056

David Ikuye

Interaction Designer & Entrepreneur. Creating digital products & services. Interested in design for behavior change.

ID 490311

François Denavaut

Interactive & Graphic Designer

ID 482661

Darren Cadwallader

Politically & environmentally aware. Also, a frontend web person.

ID 483906

M.Ali Bekiroglu

coming soon

ID 407999

Flavio Gortana

Went to school, was mostly bored, discovered the potential of design and code, did an internship at Interactive Things GmbH, study interface design

ID 591283

Ana Maria Moniz

ID 584492

Lucifero Von Nachtosphere

All-round Designer with an eye on Product Design and Usability. The purpose: create inspiring products and make them grow.

ID 580158

Brenda Arias

Visual Creative & International Marketing Maniac

ID 451674

Manuele Capacci

European Institute of Design, User Centered design expert and Design Coach. Co-founder of Alright Design a Web Design Studio for the Gaming Industry

ID 156490

Max R. Scheer

Art director for online, motion-media and corporate affairs who loves the internet. Likes photography and wanders Berlin streets.

ID 591525

Peter Biggart


ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 57575

Florian Menevis

Founder of @airbooksapp a friendly and simple cloud application to manage invoicing and business transactions. Creative designer, musician and bon-vivant.

ID 689646

Vishal Heble

Masters in Informatics, Interested in full-time job in the area of SAP ABAP, SAP PI, HTML5,CSS3 and SQL, Worked at Deutsche Telekom AG, Amazon.

ID 442990

Tao De La Torre Sola

8 years designing from digital experiences to large-scale editorial websites for clients like Red Bull and Die Welt. Life lover and skateboarder.

ID 544398

Georg Graf

Full stack web developer, HTML5 and Audio enthusiast, worked at Fraunhofer FOKUS on WebRTC

ID 373065

Pablo Smith

One of the co-founders of @CreatorsCast. In my free time I love to design and animate motion graphics and 3D models that I create! Contact me for fun projects!

ID 214043

Dan Bender

Executive MBA student @TU Munich, UC Berkeley and HHL Leipzig; Founder @myskoob

ID 77977

Max Tillich

Running Product Gang, a new kind of tech consultancy where design and development is one. Leading development at @boiler-room-1. Early @datasift alumni.

ID 499949

Georg Kuklick

Design Native - Digital Creative - UX & UI Engineer - Urban Nomade - Senior Maverick - Misfit - Music Addict - Vinyl Junkie.

ID 697453

Tania Abanina

Web & UX designer with front-end developing skills; Photographer; Body researcher; Engineer-manager by education.

ID 65897

Sílvia Sousa

Master in Fashion Design; knowledge of Fashion product development, Pattern making, Draping, Sewing skills. Work experience in several areas of fashion business

ID 682111

Yonatan Wolowelsky

Web Deisgner and Developer / Professional double clicker

ID 245332

Riccardo Carlet

Freelance interaction + graphic designer based in Berlin. Currently working at @edenspiekermann

ID 350021

M Khal

UI designer. Currently freelance.

ID 702967

Jonas Jansson

Jonas Jansson

ID 235996

Paulius Nosokas

Skilled in brand strategy and identity development, information architecture, user experience, interface, and print design.

ID 229728

Yasmina Haryono

Design anthropologist + creative model thinker, I creatively manage design teams + steer projects from vision to deployment phases.

ID 78226

Gilles Morgenthal

Mobile Interaction Designer - UX/UI/GUI are on my menu on a daily basis

ID 183573

Virginie Caplet

Creative visual designer 10 years of experience Worked at @young-rubicam, @lonely-planet-publications-pt @l-oreal

ID 81385

Michael Urbanski

Worked at @google and @microsoft.

ID 145007

Gunnar Menzel

Founder iCrates • Worked at @ogilvyone, @Scholz & Volkmer

ID 76849

Dominik Zins

Innovation Facilitator and Trainer bei @google

ID 153080

John Brüggemann

TEAMKBX, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, Marketing, Online-Marketing, Berlin, [ *] keksbox marketingagentur. Mehr auf:

ID 119070

Vlad Georgescu

Interaction designer. Interested in companies that solve real problems and improve other people's lives.

ID 141212


make something you yourself would use

ID 282805

Michael Lindqvist

To be continued...

ID 75358

Lucas Dietrich

I am I am a freelance graphic and web designer. Besides years of experience in print and media design, I also have a profound knowledge of HTML/CSS.

ID 238982

Sebastiano Boni

Strong UI skills in Android & iOS; strong Art Direction skills; background in gaphic design, animation & illustration; international working experience

ID 295644

Andrew Cameron

Owner Muchacho Clothing. Founded 2007. Worked at Macquarie Bank, JP Morgan, Citco Fund Services. We are a swim and streetwear brand based in Sydney, Australia

ID 391280

Sebastian Waters

A guy with an opinion. As a matter of fact I'm doing this for a living, co-founded SUPERNOVÆ & co-editor of Design Made in Germany

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