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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Berlin.

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ID 85418

Jens Hewald


ID 406951

Sascha Lazimbat


Consultant, founded digital music distributor Zebralution (exit to Warner Music Group) and e-book distributor A2EP, previously Head Of Music & Video at Vodafone

ID 379545

Albrecht von Breitenbuch

Lawyer (Counsel) @orrick in Berlin who advises entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies and investors.

ID 493444

Dennis Jlussi

European/German Lawyer for complicated EU compliance & more

ID 276825

Christian Eustermann

multiple CEO, 10y corporate finance experience, strong IT affinity

ID 375893

Joachim Homeister

Lawyer in the German-Russian business community since 2006. Worked both on institutional cross-border investment projects and start-ups. Puts pragmatism first.

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