Berlin Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Berlin.

Meet 1853 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Berlin

ID 87239

Martin Tantow


Managing Director @scaler. Growth Strategist. Dealmaker. Founded @3scale @cloudtimes. Worked @booz-company @oliver-wyman. Mentor @techstars @sbootcamp

ID 244589

Eric Wahlforss


Founder SoundCloud.

ID 34676

Christian Reber


Founder @6wunderkinder

ID 87178

Janis Zech


Founder @sponsorpay

ID 119556

Yen Fu


London New York investor; ex-SF/PA @stanford-university @UC Santa Barbara; MS&BS EE, MS BioEng. Reg Member of US Patent Bar; Patent strategy @UK & European Patent Office

ID 6990

Thomas Grota


Investment Director at venture capital firm of @deutsche-telekom-ag, CTO. Board member at @mytaxi-net , @flaregames, @gini-gmbh , @6wunderkinder, @apprupt-gmbh

ID 2820

Edward Shenderovich


Managing Director at Kite Ventures

ID 1462

Sean Seton-Rogers


General Partner at PROfounders Capital

ID 32

Roberto Bonanzinga


Partner at @balderton-capital (formerly Benchmark Europe)

ID 23769

Alexander Ljung


Co-founder & CEO at SoundCloud

ID 151324

Angela Zäh


International Growth & Product Management at @facebook • Investor in Silicon Valley & Berlin, e.g @wealthfront, @anyroad, @shift, @active-mind-technology

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabsGlobal Ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 48726

Fabian Westerheide


Investment Associate @point-nine-capital and Analyst @team-europe before I started with my own startup.

ID 19278

Thomas Hessler


Dad | CEO | Founder @ufostart-ag @globumbus @zanox | Investor in Crowdsourcing & Bitcoin

ID 495166

N. Wilberforce


Investor @coupons-com, @getaround • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 2191

Pawel Chudzinski


Managing Partner at @point-nine-capital

ID 127776

Ron Hillmann



ID 160

Christopher Muenchhoff


Angel Investor, technical and financial background, focus on digital business models.

ID 364521

Michael Kalkowski


Entrepreneur and angel investor. Founder and CCO @gameduell. Managed 2 European Internet startups (>200 employees, >100 mio users, profitable, VC funded).

ID 142030

Fabian Siegel


Founder @delivery-hero, @global-founders-capital • Worked at @clickandbuy

ID 85418

Jens Hewald


ID 91173

Simon Schaefer



ID 21183

Christian Thaler-Wolski


Early stage investor at @wellington-partners, mentor at Seedcamp, advisor to tech companies.Know a thing about SaaS metrics, pricing strategy and building a sales team.

ID 382853

André Burchart


Investment Manager, former M&A consultant in the field of digital media

ID 25548

Sal Matteis


Yahoo 2004-2011 • Headed DR Platform Mgmt @yahoo EMEA • Seeded DR Network Marketplace in EMEA (100+M $ in revenue).

ID 5517

Philipp Moehring


Europe @angellist. Previously Principal @seedcamp. Startup's little helper across Europe. Connecting Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 236502

Steffen Hoellinger



ID 8175

Sebastian Pollok


Tech VC at BV Capital in SF. Cheeseburger connoisseur. Globetrotter. Founder.

ID 169041

Ian Hogarth

i like turtles & start-ups. particularly interested in consumer internet stuff, applied machine learning & the path to strong AI

ID 63024

Raj Ramanandi


Angel investor in early stage tech startups around the world, based in London. CEO of @1seed - investing, mentoring, building bridges.

ID 212236

Felix Petersen


Bulding the Internets since 1998, Founded Plazes (Sold to Nokia), Amen (Sold to Tape TV), Investor in Soundcloud, Dataminr, Narrative, Readmill, others.

ID 373241

Thorben Rothe


Worked for several startups (eCommerce, technology, recruiting), now Investment Manager @Capnamic

ID 143444

Floris Rost van Tonningen


Cofounder & chief product of social network Hyves and investing community IEX. Currently investor in startups, mostly Europe.

ID 460085

Mike Kofi Okyere


Work @issuu Worked @google, @admob, @criteo • Studied at @iu @cal • Investor

ID 565785

Christophe Maire

Founder @nokia-gate5-gmbh

ID 313077

Carsten Frien

Founder @www-madvertise-com, @www-stilleralarm-de

ID 79387

Jonathan Becker


Tech VC at @e-ventures, Hacker, Entrepreneurial Mind - worked in Tokyo, San Francisco and Indonesia.

ID 127775

Yier Bargeld


Co-founder @yachtico Previously co-founded startups in US and China. Stanford Sloan Fellow 2008. Now in Berlin, invests in 5-6 early stage startups a year.

ID 105067

Ciarán O'Leary


VC @EarlybirdVC & only Irish national with Bavarian accent. Never miss a Bayern match. Passive Greenpeace activist, own nothing that burns fossil fuel. Sailing.

ID 354816

Erik Byrenius


Founder and former CEO @onlinepizza-se, sold to @delivery-hero (now investor) • Investor @rivalfox

ID 378520

Jörg Binnenbrücker

Venture Capitalist from Cologne/ Germany, Founding Partner #capnamic #dumontventure & big time football supporter (1.FC Köln)

ID 520646

Nate Houk


Life is short. Be happy. Seek change with abandon.

ID 64335

Lukasz Gadowski


Investor in @rapleaf, @aviary, @kikin.

ID 107717

Ramzi Rizk

Founder/CTO @eyeem @PhotoHackDay. Software architect. Photographer. Pianist. Recovering Academic. @Sbootcamp @AS_PNP mentor.

ID 13430

Wouter Gort


ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 23449

Daniel Waterhouse


VC with Balderton Partners

ID 78421

Stephan Wirries


VC Analyst @ventech

ID 120153

Ramo Karahasan

CTO &Co-Founder @itembase • Worked FraunhoferSIT Worked at @sirona-dental-inc, @m-spec-gmbh • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences, @university-of-hagen

ID 70588

Alexander Koelpin


COO and Partner at @westtech-ventures - Seed VC in Berlin, Germany. Was Co-Founder of @german-startups-group

ID 43209

Meg He


Co-founder in stealth w/ @ninafaulhaber . Advisor @better-3 • Previously, @poshmark, @cowboy-ventures, @cloudflare • @stanford-university & @oxford-university

ID 102735

Nina Faulhaber


Co-founder Digital x Fashion x Fitness startup. Stealth. Formerly @IndexVentures @GoldmanSachs

ID 60694

Thilo Hardt


Founder @

ID 166676

Daniel Marschner

Co-Founder & Application Engineer @6wunderkinder

ID 105188

Henric Suuronen


Social/mobile gaming executive, entrepreneur and investor.

ID 15130

Jesse Sandoval


Co-President @stanfordangels1 CEO in Healthcare 2.0. Experience in Life Science. Gov 2.0. Stanford Grad. Seed Investor.

ID 164806

Jan Martin

Co-Founder and Designer @6wunderkinder

ID 164809

Charlette Prevot

Co-Founder @6wunderkinder

ID 66542

Lloyd Price

Co Founder of Zesty. Director roles held at, Yahoo! Europe, & StartUps since 1998. London Business School 2009

ID 21326

Alexander Kudlich


Investor in @madvertise, @lieferheld, @sponsorpay-com, @digitale-seiten-de, @mysportbrands.

ID 58441

Manuel Weiss

Founder/Design @codeship Front-End Developer. 6 years experience in UX-Design. @techstars-1 Boston.

ID 151452

Chad Fowler

CTO @6wunderkinder, former SVP Technology at @livingsocial + CTO @InfoEther, author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer

ID 2896

Kyle Bragger

Co-founded Exposure. Founded @forrst (acquired by Zurb). Made Tinyproj (acquired by @grouptalent)

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 81317

Stefan Tirtey


I am a partner at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. I led our early investment in @soundcloud. I am based in Munich and invest across Europe.

ID 37980

Ramin G. Far

Entrepreneur/Angel, CEO Versus, Ex-MTV/Viacom/Daimler/KPN

ID 58401

Michael Zirngibl

Founder and CEO @interact-io, 3rd Cloud Startup focused on Big Data, CRM and Communications, 25 US Patents, Founder @angel-com • Product at @microstrategy

ID 191341

Burckhardt Bonello


Serial entrepreneur and company builder 10+ companies co-founded, 20+ years tech entrepreneur in Berlin. Founder & CEO @found-fair-ventures @mybet @Novedia

ID 393388

Moritz Fichtner

CPO and Founder of itembase • Worked at @audible-com, @etruvian

ID 373389

Mathias Ockenfels


Worked at a European VC, changed to other side of the table doing Corp. M&A for a large mutlinational media company, did some deals, back (for good) into VC now

ID 280103

Kai Hansen

Founder & Director - yd. yourdelivery GmbH 2009 - today Founder & Partner: - Rheingau Founders GmbH 2011 – today - Rheingau Ventures GmbH 2009 – today

ID 124644

Philipp Hartmann


Serial Entrepreneur | Investor in Digital Business | Founder & Managing Partner of @rheingau-founders

ID 54834

Marc Strigel


Director Marketplaces & Payment Innovation (Mobile Payments)

ID 659446

Jan Beckers


Serial Entrepreneur who started 6 successful companies. Since 2011 CEO and Founder of HitFox Group.

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor in @innovid, @profitect, @the-gifts-project, @sisense, @yedda.

ID 419071

Niels Boon

CFO & Founder @itembase • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @zalando • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 10942

Max Moldenhauer


Entrepreneur & Business Angel, Investor in @wooga, @linklift, @testcloud, @digital-performance.

ID 34278

Rene Reinsberg


GM/VP Product at @godaddy, previously Founder/CEO of @locu (acquired by @godaddy), formerly Goodplates, @morgan-stanley, @mckinsey-company. MIT alum.

ID 119981

Stefan Jørgensen

CEO @itembase • formerly founded @meetyourmessenger, @shopman, @valueshop, @zapry @quenture • Studied at @aarhus-university University

ID 244590

Henrik Berggren

tech-music-biz-nerd that loves the web. Product at @dropbox

ID 10881

Juan-Luis Hortelano


Co-founder and director of @plug-and-play-tech-center in Spain, expert in internationalization ( spanish speaking markets). Investor in @touristeye @ducksboard

ID 106083

Todd Sullivan

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-Founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Lead developer at @raytheon and @defence-1.

ID 2266

Maximilian Thyssen


European Angel Investor

ID 149703

Julian Schroll

Founder @filigrante-records • Worked at @myspace, @tlgg, @ning @glam-media • Studied at @stuttgart-media-university University Germany

ID 270762

Tobias Johann


Founder & Managing Partner Rheingau Founders GmbH 2011 – Heute (2 Jahre)Berlin Founder & Managing Partner Rheingau Ventures GmbH 2009 – Heute (4 Jahre)Berlin

ID 26322

Alex Farcet


Co founded Startupbootcamp. I ran Copenhagen, now Berlin. Partner at Rainmaking, a startup factory.

ID 207974

Jess Erickson

Founder @geekettes • Earlier work includes Berlin Producer for @general-assembly, Head of Comms at @6wunderkinder, & Translation Manager/Business Developer at @speaklike. London School of Economics MSc 2008.

ID 94786

Nicolas Dittberner

Country Manager at @elance, Founder @ondango • Worked at @sponsorpay • Studied at @Technical University Of Munich

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 106088

Lauren McLeod

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Desert Explorer. Crossed Mongolia's Gobi Desert entirely on foot.

ID 287247

Lars Schulze

Open Source Fellow; Digital Native; Professional Internet Experience since 1996, Worked at zanox AG and Project-A Ventures.

ID 64964

Andreas Klinger

Freelance metrics & data consultant. Focus on early & growth stage companies. Mentor at several accelerators.

ID 130692

Roland Moriz

Managing Director, Project Manager, Consultant/Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

ID 271396

Henrik Matthies

Founder @tellm, Founder & CMO @managerfragen-org Intrapreneur for 5yrs @bertelsmann. Studied @whu

ID 411138

Justin Wiesinger


Product Manager by day, Maker by night • active contributor in the Internet of Things community • @ebay

ID 26197

Eoghan Jennings


Founded @bourbon to give musicians a personalized experience. Co-founded @sbootcamp & @healthxl in Dublin. Brought @xing (IPO '06) from €100K to €40m as CFO.

ID 158437

Nicolas Wittenborn


Associate at Point Nine Capital

ID 94007

Heissam Hartmann

Angel Investments ★ CEE & West EU Startup Consultant ★ New Market Development ★ Matchmaker ★ Enabler ★ Entertainment, Sports, Fashion Industry

ID 189343

W. Jeffrey Brown


Entrepreneur, mentor and accredited angel investor with powerful mojo in launching, bootstrapping and growing new ventures.

ID 141791

Niko Waesche


Currently Products at GfK. Advisory Board of GMPVC, we help European start-ups finance media campaigns. Check out SimplySeven, my book about internet business.

ID 922

Johannes Reck

Co-Founder & CEO of GetYourGuide, Board Member of @localuncle, BSc & MSc Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (with distinction)

ID 73174

Ross Brannigan

Founder TalentDaq, @izakaa-com • Worked at @dell, @yahoo • Studied at @instituto-de-empresa, @fudan-university, @jetwave

ID 55244

Adrian Locher

Founder & COO of DeinDeal, #1 Group Buying company in Switzerland. Passionate serial entrepreneur.

ID 75723

Alexander Bruehl


Angel investor and mentor for those having exciting business ideas, ready kicking off their company. Core competency and areas of interest: SaaS (eg. @freeagent @geckoboard @positionly @riskmethods @minubo @contentful @softgarden )

ID 146822

Tobias P. Schirmer


Principal at BDMI Fund. Finance Background (Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank). Exeter University 2003, MBA IE Business School 2007.

ID 162433

Eli Altman

Creative Director @a-hundred-monkeys. Mentor @500startups. Author of Formerly Brand Strategist @metadesign. @university-of-california-los-angeles design 2007.

ID 224029

Jan Schwenzien

Founder @testcloud, @general-scripting • Studied at @university-of-potsdam

ID 6915

Herval Freire

Builder of things. I make ideas happen, period.

ID 8523

Carl Waldekranz

Started and sold design studio with clients as Spotify, Nokia and Rosetta Stone. Bridge technology and design. Co-Founder and CEO @tictail •

ID 136087

Kirsty Lee

Product Manager @eyeem and co-founder @momenta. Background in product management, marketing and operations.

ID 414463

Philipp Muehlbauer


Co-Founder of Picanova Group, first startup founded out of highschool, Entrepreneur, Onlinemarketing Generalist, Angel Investor and Master in General Management

ID 12045

François Hodierne

French in Berlin. Formerly @netvibes Chief Architect. Currently @eyeem Backend Engineer.

ID 82125

Dušan Stojanović


Awarded Angel of the Year in Europe 2013 by EBAN

ID 8561

Francesco Baschieri

Love creating and help companies grow

ID 286295

James Brooke

CPO @wimdu. Previously Head of Product & Community @pact-1, product and ops @housetrip, launching for @travelzoo and product @expedia.

ID 140174

Martin Roscheisen


eGroups (acq Yahoo), FindLaw (acq Reuters), TradingDynamics (acq Ariba); Nanosolar

ID 122790

Uwe Horstmann


Founding Partner at Project A Ventures GmbH

ID 117260

Redg Snodgrass


Entrepreneur at Skout and The Taploid as well as former Vice President of Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent. I've acquired companies & launched successful products.

ID 367034

Jan Reichelt


Co-Founder & President Mendeley • Worked at @sap, @university-of-cologne • MBA from WHU • Loves latin-american dances • Voted "Best European Founder 2013"

ID 8804

Benjamin Rohé


I invest both time and money into startups + also give lectures about biz models, entrepreneurship and e-commerce at various universities in Europe.

ID 593270

Filip Felician Dames


Entrepreneur and business angel, music lover, soccer enthusiast.

ID 238974

Christian Kaul

MD @airbnb UK, Founder A Space For Art, Founder @groupon Australia, • PhD @university College London

ID 507736

Leo Schwarzgorn

Founder woonder, @foodpanda , worked at @rocket-internet, @dafiti-com-br, @zalando, @wimdu...

ID 42015

Philipp Hartmann


Early stage tech investor at @index-ventures

ID 164812

Benedikt Lehnert


Chief Design Officer @6wunderkinder - leading an extraordinary talented product design team working on Wunderlist

ID 85588

Stephan-Nicolas Kirschner

Entrepreneur with a focus on marketing, product & innovation

ID 276132

Thilo Konzok


Founded Asuum | Worked at Airbnb, Macmillan, Apple

ID 95869

Jason Green


Currently working as CTO at Wimdu, Rocket Internet in Berlin, Germany

ID 491687

Gabriel Escalona

Marketing Jedi and co-founder @FeedMyCrew

ID 163733

Justus Hammer


Co-founder @Spreets, Advisor and Investor @airtasker, @the-search-party, @carmony, @Vicegolf

ID 302356

Jens-Uwe Sauer


Founded 2011 the first EQUITY based CROWD FUNDING PLATFORM in Germany, already funded over 40 Startups with more than 6 MILLIONS EUROS with the POWER OF CROWD

ID 141676

Colette Ballou

Founder @ballou-pr (Berlin/Paris/London), mentor at 500 Startups.

ID 21628

Paul Jozefak


Rated as one of the 'Top 20 Most Influential EU Investors', which basically means I tweet and blog a lot. Running @liquid-labs-2 GmbH.

ID 159152

Carsten Riemer

Advisor EMEA Hacker Mansion • Worked at @delivery-hero, @team-europe-ventures @trg

ID 234379

Erik Paulson


founded Vendisys and growing it with zero outside money

ID 5542

Marian Zange

CTO and co-founder at @ezeep-1. Founded @liquid-labs in Cambridge and worked for @xing.

ID 593253

Cherry Ventures

European VC Firm with focus on consumer internet and mobile.

ID 464556

Jonas Drüppel

Founder Starlize • Worked at @wimdu-gmbh-deleted • Studied at @whu

ID 62347

Elsa Said-Armanet

Business Development @livingsocial. Worked at @samsung, @mckinsey & Company @sony. Global Strategist and Mobile Software Developer.

ID 247581

Jorge Creixell

Software Engineer

ID 96976

Jakob Fricke

Co-Founder of Picpack, side project:

ID 499820

Sebastian von L'Estocq


Founder @interact-io, CEO and Founder @propositum-ag • Investor @interact-io, Investor @ringio • Studied at @university-of-bayreuth

ID 50741

Schuyler Deerman

Founder/CEO, Sidestage

ID 492221

Matteo Gamba

Product Manager @patience • Worked at @wimdu • Studied at @Bocconi University

ID 47982

Paul Gebhardt

CEO & Founder @bonusbox. Data lover, hobby chef, econometrician with strong experiences in the finance industry.

ID 164748

Andrew Hyde

Founder @startupweekend • Worked at @techstars, @hackfwd • Studied at @johnson-wales-university

ID 344250

Laura Behrens Wu

Founder of Shippo #500strong. Worked at @lendup and @earbits-yc-w11. Visiting scholar @harvard-university. Business background. Growth hacker. Multilingual

ID 153980

Steffen Kiedel

CFO of @6wunderkinder

ID 233185

Guillermo Álvarez Fernández

Just curious

ID 222090

Norman Wiese

ID 143758

Guillem Valls Rams

International start-up experience in product marketing, business development, product management, project management and consulting. Engineer, MSc Tech Mgmt.

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 231637

Matteo Carli


Product Management and Strategic Business Analysis on Mobile

ID 131890

Massimo Guerrato ([email protected])

Online marketing manager at Aeria Games & Entertainment

ID 134453

Max Degterev

A full stack software developer from Moscow, currently living in Berlin. I love internets, node.js, computer games, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

ID 126849

George Leontiev

Scala enthusiast

ID 29880

Jorge Díaz

Startup Tech Founder. Team builder, Rails, Agile Development. 10+ years in the game.

ID 523538

Parag Majumdar

Co Founder Productive Mobile • Worked at @cleartrip, @evoleas • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 319285

Torsten Oelke


CEO Smart Mobile Factory, Initiator of div. incubators (e.g. YOU IS NOW of ImmobilienScout24), Investor JustBook, No. 6 of NEXT100 (2013), mobile, incubation

ID 103447

Susanna Gebauer

Co-Founder, CFO @exploreb2b. Social Media and Content Marketing. Management Consultant. Scientific Researcher. Phd. in Mathematics. Freie Universität Berlin

ID 87869

Benjamin Page


Founder of @nordic-next and Investment Advisor @invest-in-skane.

ID 110213


Student at HETIC, multidisciplinary Master degree (programming, Online Marketing, Design) Full-stack marketer & product manager GDG Paris organizer

ID 393793

Jacqueline Freundorfer

PR & Content Manager at Marley Spoon. Startups taught me life. Social media geek with writing skills & a love for fashion, food & doggies. My friends are cool.

ID 6182

Kevin Dykes

Co-Founder / CEO of @retentiongrid, Career B2B software entrepreneur. Focus on Product, GTM, strategy and growth. Austinite in Berlin

ID 46810

Thomas Schranz

CEO of @blossom. High traffic @facebook apps for @red-bull, Jim Beam & FIFA Soccer World Cup. Relaunched @play-fm. Computer Science @vienna-university Technical University

ID 541692

Maja Komel

junior developer

ID 162192

Wayne Gibbins


Vice President at Notion Capital, investing across Europe in the best B2B SaaS companies at Seed & Series A stage

ID 482355

Zander Brade

ID 414015

Paula Marttila

Digital Product and Business Developer, Startup Advisor

ID 249517


Hacking my life way @soundcloud

ID 97576

Karl Schaeffler

Interested in Social Media, Web, Travel around the world. Co-Founder, CTO @oleapark, Ex camper @LeCamping, now iOS Engineer @eyeem.

ID 49260

Jan Riethmayer

CTO @bonusbox, rubyist. Background in information retrieval and machine learning. Emacs-evangelist.

ID 115119

Phil Calçado

Director of Engineering @soundcloud

ID 422378


ID 236588

Philipp Klöckner


Search Strategy Consultant @wimdu. Founder @kombinat-fr-digitale-medien. Worked at @idealo. Angel Investor @hiddenmarkets-ug, Investor @visual-meta.

ID 175743

Lukas Pfeiffer


#berlin | #social #media #guerilla #viral #marketing | #swabr #enterprise #microblogging #cloud #saas | #loves #political #cabaret

ID 345033

Tim Lydford

Worked at @airbnb, @Blinkist • Studied at @university of Nottingham

ID 391426

Rodrigo Martinez


Early Stage Investor @point-nine-capital

ID 279992

Christina Martin

Talent Aquisition for GameDuell

ID 350968

Maurizio Turatti

Expert on EAI, SOA, ESB, BPM, B2B, EDA enablement tools and best practices. Java EE specialist and Python developer.

ID 104413

Wilken Bruns

Founder @berlin-startupbootcamp, @avuba

ID 171963

Per Meurling

COO & Founder @itembase | Early employee at @sponsorpay | Consultant @swedish-trade-council | Studied @lund-university

ID 360942

Axel Schmidt

Head of Public Relations

ID 91504

Alexander Haase

Designer @eyeem, Co-Founder @momenta • Worked at @waymate, @tribal-ddb

ID 553743

Nawid Ali-Abbassi

Passionate about consumers and tech. Experienced building products, brands and organizations.

ID 25361

Frederic Haitz


COO and founder of ezeep, worked at DKSH, Roland Berger and Credit Suisse. Obtained a BSc (Hons) Business Studies degree at CASS Business School.

ID 40443

Steven Renwick

Founder of @satago • Worked at @rocket-internet,• Studied MBA @oxford-university, PhD @university-college-london

ID 265151

Sebastian Moleski

Founder TBD , @publitica • Worked at @infernum, Netvacation, NetService24, @Wikimedia Foundation, @entriq • Studied at @TCU

ID 364286

Christian Nagel


Founder @earlybird-venture-capital

ID 255058

Peter Borchers


Founder and Head of Dt Telekom‘s incubator „hub:raum“. Investor in (sold to Senzari), Blinkist, stylemarks, Salonmeister, Reputami,, Frestyl

ID 560057

Ulrik Deichsel

Founder & CEO of Pagido / Co-founder & Head BizDev of txtr / Strong business & finance background from jobs at Oliver Wyman, Merrill Lynch, Wellington Partners

ID 203771

Levin Bunz


Principal @global-founders-capital. Worked for Tradeshift. Studied at WHU, Germany.

ID 362894

Luca Mastrorocco

Founder - CEO @gruvit-1 Worked in Advertising Sales @sponsorpay & @fonpit for 3 years. More than 10 years in Music. BA Marketing @macquarie-university.

ID 34841


Founder @Roundclock. Strong business and tech background (@amazon, GE, @photobucket, Rebate Networks). Co-founder Kyuda. Seed Investor. PhD in Finance, Author

ID 127617

Marat Dyatko

Devigner or Deseloper. Worked at @nokia, @ostrovok, @yandex, @livejournal, Qiwi.

ID 129540

Tom Brammar


Entrepreneur. Finance, tech and media. Founder LOAF, @premia-capital, @node-1. Co-founder @financial-times-tilt. Board member @financial-network-analytics

ID 119443

• hunter lee soik •


Founder | @Wardenclyffe Institute - Innovation Consulting for fashion brands | Recent projects for Stella McCartney, Kanye West, HUNTER boots and CFDA

ID 46894

Allan Berger

Co-founder & CCO of @blossom. UX & UI Design. High Traffic @facebook Apps for @red-bull, Jim Beam, Syoss. Computer Science at @vienna-technical-university University

ID 170213

Christoph Gerber


Founder of Lieferando ( sold to, Founder RapidApe

ID 96636

David Andersen

Marketing Germany & Nordics @mailjet

ID 381604

Claudia Reiners

Digital media aficionado, video advertising expert, team lead, blogger, social media addict.

ID 45234

Roland Koch

cand. M.Sc. in Information Systems;

ID 43831

Philipp Wassibauer

Co-founder and CTO at Previously co-founder of @www-schmiede-ca and (discontinued). Now living in Berlin.

ID 95141

Christiane Kiens


estag Capital AG-Deal Sourcing

ID 23523

Jens Hilgers


entrepreneur, geek, gamer, treehugger

ID 56618

Nicole Simon

"Growth" / marketing tactics / social media / challenging questions / german

ID 85428

David Grajal Blanco

Founder @tran-sl • Full Stack developer + Business guy • CEIBS MBA 2012 • Founded 4 companies

ID 489781

Mato Perić


Founder of EPIC Companies, ex-Rocket Internet and CEO of multi-national ecommerce companies. Built and invested in startups across 5 continents.

ID 20297

Philipp Semmer


Worked at @sullivan-cromwell-llp, @hogan-lovells • Investor @blinkist-1, @amazine, @kirondo, @fotovio, University of San Diego MBA 1998

ID 253925

Ruslan V (interested in Scala projects)


Scala, C++, Java, C#, server-side development, peer-to-peer networks. Back in 2005 I created Morpheus, the most popular p2p app in North America.

ID 162138

Malik ElBay

Founded @Yeppt , @livup Worked at @csiro @johnson-johnson, @upcload • Studied at @eth-zurich

ID 397336

Cornelius Rabsch

I co-founded a mobile startup, joined a VC-funded company that got acquired, and now work for eBay as Manager Mobile C2C in Berlin.

ID 77621

Andreas Wuerfel

Corporate venturing executive (MBA) across digital technology, media, and telecommunications

ID 25169

Sascha Kellert

CEO and Founder of @ezeep-1. Systems Thinking and Business background. Previous startup and Big Co. experience.

ID 21674

David Anderson

Co-founder / CTO of @retentiongrid. Veteran from startups across Europe; former research scientist at @carnegie-mellon-university, @mitsubishi-electric-research-labs , and Sun Labs.

ID 168528

Sanjay Goel


Founder Oximity, • Studied at @ucla, @new-york-university Stern School of Business; IIT Delhi

ID 114108

Danny Holtschke

Co-Founder @spotistic (accelerated by @berlin-startupbootcamp) • Worked at @compass-4, @mapegy-com

ID 515965

Moritz von Hase

Founder Yeppt!, @livup • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 225491

Dimitri Haußmann

Worked at @telefonica, @rockstart • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara, @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 21400

Gabriel Matuschka


VC @partech-ventures, Founder & CEO @triphunter (sold to @brands4friends / eBay), 2y @ibm, Master in Business Administration, Honors Degree Technology Mgmt

ID 220288

Luis Fernández

Founder In love with JS, The paratrooper at One computer & time, you get your code

ID 511299


Founder of Yeppt! • Ecommerde manager • M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics (Network Dynamics & Control) • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 22761

Michael Sidler


Founder @redalpine-venture-partners • Worked at @boston-consulting-group • Studied at @university-of-zurich

ID 131495

Kelly Sutton

Founder at LayerVault. Sold first company, @hackcollege. Started the Cult of Less. Developer.

ID 72401

Ulf Waschbusch

Founder Placety, GM / Mobile Head SGN, Chief of Product Garena, Director Mobile Myspace, PMM Google Mobile, Stanford MBA, Berkeley CS

ID 303014

Guido Hegener


Partner at @xlhealth, serial entrepreneur, startup mentor for Deutsche Telekom's @hub-raum and @microsoft-ventures-accelerator-berlin, @whu Alumnus

ID 119138

Karsten Rieke

Transforming ideas into digital tools for over 15 years now. Started as frontend developer, moved to product management at XING, now founder of RetentionGrid.

ID 291414

Mikael Högqvist

Distributed and scalable systems, PhD

ID 34468

Ismail Asci

Software Developer with nearly 7 years of well-rounded experience. Former CTO of

ID 31993

Mehdi Djabri

Tech-Entrepreneur, World traveler, UI/UX designer, ESCP Europe Master in Management. Changing the future of soccer @jogabo

ID 114733

Kenneth Auchenberg

Interface Developer with a passion for user experience

ID 30842

Ilya Spitalnik


Founder and CEO @powtoon | Founder @greenwave-incubator | Launched's E-Trade (now | Launched (now

ID 506588

Alessio Tixi

Business Developer and MBA graduate with extensive experience in leading international expansions, building partnerships, growing businesses

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 104269

Lutz Villalba-Adorno

Tech Founder, Body Builder, Conference Organizer.

ID 70442

Christian Edler


Intrapreneur and Entrepreneurial Investor, advisor and consultant, loves special situations

ID 27966

Fabian Neuen

Founder & COO of @fair-observer, changing the media landscape... Former Manager & Top Talent at Siemens, WHU & @insead-1 graduate (Dean's List)

ID 105916

Sandy Hathaway

Co-founder / Head of Growth & CMO @retentiongrid • Worked at @medtronic, @biotronik • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-system • 15yr Expat - 5 Countries

ID 302719

Florian Schulz

Worked at @behance

ID 471341

Guido Iaquinti

I'm a System Engineer with experience in high volume/high availability Internet architectures. My passion is develop, scale and automate complex systems.

ID 64139

Jonas Piela

Developer and Entrepreneur, co-founded @suxeedo, building the most advanced bank account with @avuba. Currently participating in @techstars. Loves crazy ideas.

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 108904

Anthony Hsiao

CEO @productive-mobile • Problem Solver, Creator • co-founded 60ppl co SapnaSolutions in India, @evomob, @esupply, @entrip • @imperial-college-london-1

ID 353109

Oliver Lukesch

Co-Founder and CPO at Avuba. Berlin-based entrepreneur and developer on a mission to fix banking.

ID 306382

Axel & Boris

Entrepreneurs & Visionaries

ID 2276

Samuel Aloni

PM @quandoo, [email protected] (formerly Teambox). Founder @anygym and @fanarchy, mentor at @sbootcamp.

ID 2034

Joerg Rheinboldt

CEO of axelspringerplugandplay Founder @alando-de-ag, @denkwerk @betterplace-org • Worked at @m10-gmbh, @humboldt-viadrina-school-of-governance @ebay-germany

ID 173376

Gonzalo Ruiz


Early stage investing currently invested in 30 Startups Exits: Founder:

ID 209951

Simon Höher

culture. technology. music. | co-founder knowable

ID 142167

Federico Baldelli

Entrepreneur & Product Manager

ID 117297

Patrick Perlmutter

Head up product & marketing @infinit. Former EIR @lecamping. BA @college-of-william-and-mary. MBA @hec-paris. Experience working @apple.

ID 171684

Jay Barker

Based in @berlin. Delivering software platforms and web innovation for 10+ years.

ID 284200

Jasper van Nistelrooy

Co-founder @achieved. Strong background in business (Investment Analysis Msc, ING Bank) and online product management (ING Direct). Seasoned developer.

ID 146639

Milan Koch

Worked at @base-ventures, @kicklabs • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @san-diego-state-university

ID 109835

Constantin Bisanz


Founder @brands4friends, $200 mio exit to eBay, Founder of 5 companies, investor, entrepreneur

ID 393344

Silvia Foglia

Head of Community Management at @twago. Founder of digItaly - the italian startup community in Berlin.

ID 1222

Travis J. Todd

Founder @toast, @buddy-beers-now-babberly-inc. Advisor @silicon-allee-2 Hacker, Designer, Entrepreneur, American Expat

ID 167696

Rab Memari

Founder @altitude-4

ID 264891

Adam Siegel

Co-founder and CEO of Skye Health. Tech and business ninja. Built FDA-approved medical devices from scratch. Worked at Google X. Harvard Ph.D. Fearless hustler.

ID 129033

Colin Behr

ID 209980

Emanuel Schwarz

Co-Founder of Maker of things.

ID 310175

Henning Heinrich

Entrepreneur & Business Developer; Worked at @ufostart-ag, @tirendo

ID 334124

Robin Haak


Founder @axel-springer Plug and Play Accelerator, Haak&Compagnie • Worked at @axel-springer

ID 399756

Christian Noske

BMW i Venturers. Adviser. Investor. Worked at KKLD (acquired by WPP) and Bosch.

ID 38886

Marius Schulze


ID 52191

Hans Wurst

ID 211417

Chris Murphy


Investors Manager @SummitDublin Connecting start ups and investors at Europe's largest tech event.

ID 453505

Thorsten Schaefer

Fraunhofer IPA, SVP Brokat AG, CEO abaXX technology AG, Venture Partner Earlybird, CEO azeti Networks AG

ID 162765

Matthias Bellmann


be2 (index ventures investment), regiojobs europe (Rocket Internet + Holtzbrinck investment), kirondo (team europe investment), MSc Business Informatics

ID 25050

Andre Vollbracht


Investor in @mt-performance, @captain-travel, @toptranslation, @adlocal, @venture-tv. MSc in Business and Information Science.

ID 145663


ID 57137

Asaf Moses

A true entrepreneur, loves taking crazy ideas and turning them into reality

ID 73037

Christian Stredicke


CEO at snom technology AG

ID 67898

Michael Amadé Langguth

Entrepreneur @MSc TechnologyEntrepreneurship @university-college-london-1 @poq-studio @seedcamp @london @ashoka Changemakers @maastricht-university University

ID 102117

Benjamin Bear

VP Sales & BD - Vungle * Industry leading mobile video advertising platform funded by crosslink & google

ID 223978

Thomas Gruederich

Founder and CSO @testcloud Previously, Sales Manager at @google-enterprise European HQ. studied @northeastern-university

ID 34850

Eric Seufert

User Acquisition, Data Science, Quantitative Marketing. Worked at @skype, @wooga • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin, @university-college-london

ID 423973

Simon Sebastian Schmincke


Worked at @earlybird-venture-capital, @rocket-internet

ID 98378

Tobi Bauckhage

CEO & Co-Founder of Moviepilot

ID 259564

Jonathan Gebauer

Cofounder, CEO, product manager @exploreb2b, I make sure the product rocks!

ID 104113

Philipp Mayer

Founder 'Dropbox for Email' @squadmail, Bus. Econ @whu, fellow German National Academic Merit Foundation

ID 24659

Lukas Weber

Co-founder of @investiere and an online retail company. Strong business and IT background. Master of Computer Science at @eth-zurich.

ID 179612

thomas lueke

COO @bonusbox, experience in e-commerce, tech, consulting; previously at Bertelsmann, Arvato, Random House, McKinsey, @harvard-business-school

ID 11264

Bojan Babic


ID 36703

Philipp Von Hammerstein


Founder @intern-ship Worked at @tape-tv @corporate-finance-partners @partech-ventures, @plinga; @smeet B.Sc. @whu-otto-beisheim-school-of-management

ID 183334

Philipp Baumgaertel

Started first spin-off and sold first company at 5-digit valuation in college, joined the awesome @pioneers-io team and now managing growth for @protonet

ID 86427

David Federhen


Founder @returbo, @favor-it-1 • Worked at @roland-berger-strategy-consultants • Investor @boxes, @favor-it-1

ID 313759

Ghazaleh Koohestanian


building a ecosystem of devices- Patents pending- no up and downloads!

ID 30826

Nikolas Schoppmeier

Co-Founder at tadaa

ID 11931

Max Kossatz

Co-founder of Blippex. Hacker and serial entrepreneur, on the Internet for over 20 years and still enjoying it!

ID 566980

Hieu Nguyen

ID 210899

Hans Peter Brøndmo


Worked at @apple • Studied at @MIT

ID 19985

Marcus Ross


ID 161710

Rahul Tongia

Founder @squadmail, StreetTwits • Worked at @sap, @infosys-technologies • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 553372

Sylvia Brune


Invested in 35 startups through @88mph in Nairobi & Cape Town - Lagos from Sept 2014. Hit me up if interested in mobile, startups, & investing in @africa

ID 8451

Bastian Unterberg

ID 95101

Mario Brockmann


ID 84804

Friedrich Kauder

Co-founder and CTO of Home on Demand. Combines background in market psychology with strong programming skills (big data, web, cloud).

ID 63108

Patrick Kane

Founder & CEO of Priori Data. App Store Analytics. Previously an investor @vestar-capital-partners and @morganstanley. @insead-1 MBA, @middlebury-college

ID 284999

Jenny E. Jung

COO @factoryberlin Global Ambassador @blackboxvc Appreciator of dogs, food and life.

ID 160936

Alessandra Noelting

Co-Founder @atlas-sailed • Hardware, Electronics & 3D printing • Entrepreneur and award winning app creator.

ID 192254

Gunnar Graef


co-CEO of Deutsche Ventures • ESCP Professor • co-Founder @airtag @dhl Globalmail @index Europe

ID 74192

Benedikt Bingler

Founder @toast, @buddy-beers-now-babberly-inc

ID 153555

Olga Steidl


mobile geek, growth nerd. Growth at Linko, Former CEO at Talkbits, VP at Yandex (Nasdaq: YNDX), VP at SPB Software. Startup avisor and ass kicker.

ID 43218

Steffen Manes

Entrepreneur in Residence @etventure Berlin, former VC @cfpff, former entrepreneur, specialized in business development for start ups

ID 188313

Mads Aarøe Mathiesen


Co-founded, managed and sold a few ventures while being a partner at Rainmaking. Founder and CEO at Tradono. Growth hacker and MPA graduate from LSE.

ID 30323

Didier Vermeiren

Founder at Smart Checkups. Director Founder Institute Berlin

ID 476725

Maciej Krupowies

Co-founder and CEO of Gaming Live. Entrepreneur with strong knowledge of eSports and gaming markets.

ID 262090


Seed Funding, Mentorship, Demo Days. Programs: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Haifa, London & Berlin.

ID 957

Javier Rincon

Marketing advisor. Previously CMO at 6wunderkinder, creators of Wunderlist. Also co-founded 2 startups, an e-commerce site and a social shopping mobile app.

ID 40948

Alberto Granzotto

CEO @urlist // web worker with strong tech background // I love cats

ID 552165

Hans Stier

Founder of Bonaverde. 1st roast-grind-brew coffee machine & online coffee farmers' marketplace.

ID 212182

Nicky Szmala

Digital Director @ogilvyaction China, Co-founder @hackerhires, Mentor @founder-institute, @startupweekend and LSM, Awarded by German Chancellor

ID 121833

Jan Michael Hess

Founder of @ecosummit, Founder and CEO of Mobile Economy, worked at, Icon Medialab and Pixelpark. Business degree from @university-of-mannheim.

ID 35324

Ralph Eric Kunz


Managing Director of Catagonia Capital. Seed Investments in Internet- and mobile technology. Founded @tyntec in 2001. Worked for @nokia, Bertelsmann and the BCG.

ID 22812

Stefan Kellner

CEO and founder of @7moments and Micro-Angel. Co-Founder of @plazes (acquired by @nokia).

ID 503414

Johann Barbie

Founder @37coins • Worked at @ibm

ID 71223

Yann Le Gouic

Founder @Productive-Mobile, @evomob Founder/CEO of 60+ employees dev agency @evoleas, Founder of 15M users facebook apps network. Ex @studivz

ID 78830

Stan Bugaev

Co-Founder at Epiclist, Business Designer, Explorer, driven to create impact through design and innovation.

ID 179703

Ken Hu

Data Engineer at @decisive; MSc in AI from @university-of-edinburgh, BS @pennsylvania-state-university; Previously, Founder @soshio, SE @hp and @skyscanner.

ID 210656

Marek Bärlein


ID 5518

Philipp Strube

Nerd at heart, ex law student at University Bonn. @cloudcontrol founder and ceo.

ID 407455

Nico Weiler

Founder TipTal • Worked at @fab-com, @casacanda @ibm • Graduated from @harvard-university

ID 147108

Antoine Duvauchelle

Co-founder CYLO. Worked @ProjectAVentures @GoodEnergies @mckinsey-co . Studied @insead-1 @johns-hopkins-university-sais @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 246062

Jasson Schrock

Co-founder @heipile. I'm an Entrepreneur, Designer, Photographer, Travel Addict, Intermittent Mad Scientist as well as a Former Googler, YouTuber, and Farm Boy.

ID 198657

Engin Kurutepe

iOS Team Lead at txtr. Start-up veteran. PhD Drop-out. Likes music and cars. Learning to fly.

ID 40579

Maurice Mauser

Founder of Makerscore. Autodidactic Engineer, Scientist and Philosopher. Summer Analyst at 2011. Co-Founded EBS NINE.

ID 172530

Sebastian Haas


Worked at @lbi-international, @team-europe

ID 63140

Christian Fenner


CEO of digitaleheimat GmbH, Angel Investor

ID 322220

Felix Staeritz

Co-founder & CEO @dailypresent-gmbh , mobile brand engagement and marketing platform. Prev co-founded @kochabo

ID 26053

Matthias Storch


Founder of Angel/Advisor of,,,,

ID 142144

Olga Reimgen

Co-Founder of @epiclist, @Co-Founder of @streetcademy @makesense

ID 5302

Nikolas Woischnik

ID 57760

Luis-Daniel Alegría

CEO & Co-founder of Vamos. With a strong marketing and product development background. Graduated from Hyper Island 2010 in Sweden.

ID 381498

Polina Marchenko

Entrepreneur with passion for new business models, good food and exceptional design and usability. CEO and Founder KptnCook • Worked at @deutsche-telekom-labs, @mirapodo • Studied at @humboldt-state-university, Alumni @startupweekend, @lisbon Challenge

ID 435913

Tilo Bonow


Founder of @piabo public relations, Business Angel and enthusiastic success driver for entrepreneurs. Connecting people is my passion.

ID 81555

Michael von Roeder


I am working as entrepreneur, corporate executive and investor.

ID 200738

Victor Bodin

Founder @unioncy, DesignLocks & Eleseri. Online background with execution skills (@rocket-internet). Business background (M&A @jp-morgan, Strategy Consulting)

ID 461987

Anthony Forsans

Managing Director and Founder @hoard | Part of @haxlr8r-s4 | Invented SBB GoodBox | Worked at KPMG

ID 239025

Peter Schlecht

ID 397044

Fabio Carati

Business Accelerator. CEO Coach. Startup Coach. Founder MP2.0 Project • Worked at @eit ICTLabs

ID 81075

Lasse Clausen

Founder, CEO of FOUNDD.

ID 468007

Maarten Beucker Andreae


Co-founder (acquired by Ebay), TTY,, Adgoji and Searcle. Entrepreneur and early stage investor.

ID 133546


Founder Ding Dong, Ding Dong

ID 214519

Achim Bönsch

Founder • Worked at @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 248783

David Prentell

CMO/ Co-founder of Vamos. Previous event organiser, MD of Tatchies (e-commerce & retail), marketing / strategy at award winning agencies Isobar, AKQA & McCann.

ID 160972

Alex Churchill


founder and CEO of @vonchurch. Specialist in the Digital Entertainment Staffing sector.

ID 39711

Aydogan Ali Schosswald


Founding Partner @berlin42 & Venture Partner @hub:raum

ID 79402

Eugenijus Radlinskas

Software developer

ID 633183

Till Neatby

Founder @marley-spoon

ID 311635

Manuel Hinz


Founder @toroleo | Venture Partner @heilemann-ventures | Worked @dailydeal (sold to @google)

ID 133243

Onno Faber

Founded ii studio, Hoppakay, MarketMatchers and Ding Dong.

ID 82039

Maks Giordano


ID 79565

Alexis Finch

UX Research/Strategy. Specialties: cross-cultural product positioning, ethnography, site/packaging optimization. Industries: Education, Med-tech.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 191765

Tim Giesler

Currently working on something new. Freelance Digital Art Director @TG/AD, Founder @goodtrip

ID 89314

Robert Henker

Founder & CEO of Refined Investment Technologies GmbH - Leading automated trading platform in DACH. MBA, Certified Portfolio Manager, Honorary professor IT-Management, Former Ass. Manager KPMG

ID 517996

Johannis Hatt

Founder Productsup • Studied at @escp-europe-1

ID 639921

Dmitri Lukin

@kown-1 , Co-founder @Kin_mobile; enjoy each working day since May'14; love to test and implement new,crazy ideas; addicted to software and sports

ID 3073

Ralph Eric Kunz


Managaing partner of Catagonia. Founded @tyntec-ltd, Strong business background (BCG, Bertelsmann, @nokia). PhD in Physics (Univ. of Berlin/ Chicago)

ID 192810

Carlo Matic

Carlo Blatz is now Carlo Matic! Founder of @i_Pioneers, @SUPR_COM, @hackfwd Referrer, Speaker, Entrepeneur, Angel

ID 213165

Fabian Hansen


VC at PROfounders Capital. Investing in early stage tech startups across Europe.

ID 301417

Roman Weishäupl

Innovation Officer and Founder @twyxt Heading the product development for Twyxt, coordinating and supervising the development team and creating the vision.

ID 23560

David Nagy

Hungry. Happy. Hacker.

ID 152410

Dr. Omri Bergman

PhD in Social Media • Co-Founder at @sortag-com • Practice Lead at @capgemini-consulting • Out of the box thinker • Strong communication and analytic skills

ID 327275

Varun Vummidi

Co-Founder | Startup Mentor | Founding Team

ID 244200

Lars Kluge


ID 527788

Christian Niederstrass

Founder @customdrinks-gmbh • Worked at @interact-io, @accenture • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university, @university-of-bayreuth

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Codes. Dreams. @Penn @Brown @salesforce MVP. Founder @swarm

ID 98373

Benjamin Krause

CTO, Head of Product and co-founder at moviepilot. Solution Architect.

ID 67860

Jan Mechtel

Founder at The Founder Institute

ID 41663

Jose Simoes

Founder of @mobitto. PhD on User-Centric Advertising (CS at TU Berlin) with industry & startup experience. Globetrotter that lived in 5 different countries.

ID 106110

Thomas P. Offner


Partner bei Capra Venture Group

ID 83983

Manuel Gruber

Co-Founder @styleprofile; Worked @dailydeal (acquired by @google), @MHP (@porsche company), @conangel, @rocket-internet, @bmw-ag; Studied Mathematics @TUM

ID 105283

Karen von Grabowiecki

Growth & Venture Capital since 2007

ID 116934

Marcus Hauer

ID 53016

Alexander Oelling

CEO of Echofy. Founder of @tecpunk and GraphDB (a NoSQL Database for BIG DATA decision making and analysis) Strong business/tech background (DT,@sap, @microsoft).

ID 624896

Georgi Manolov

@Kown. Startups little helper. I hustle, I row, I work, I swim and I get sh*t done. Studied @WashU, @AUBG.

ID 77386

Andreas Weidenhaupt

Founder & CEO of @infernum

ID 293550

Lars Fuhrken-Batista


ID 58485

Donald Stalter

Corporate finance and operations expert; investor in several startups

ID 73438

Anthony Barba

Creative Director @ Ozone • Built SMS Snow Report ( w/ Time Warner • CEO of Time Top 50 websites ( until acquired.

ID 612719

Eckart Burgwedel

Lawyer by training, software professional by vocation, entrepreneur by heart. Hobby Guitarist. Wants to change the way people learn musical instruments.

ID 482665

Andre Alpar


Serial enterpreneur. Head of a Berlin-based international internet marketing and SEO agency with app. 100 employees. App. 30 investents in total.

ID 338599

Johannes von Rohr

Managing Partner at Alpha Founders. Previously founder and CEO at Lazada Thailand and The Iconic in Australia. BCG Alumni.

ID 28651

James Anderson

Sentiment analysis trading system. Airline reservations for ITA. Taught at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 570261

Felix Huber


Country Lead Germany at Stripe

ID 444683

Daniel Gilgenmann


Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Angel

ID 98669

Patrick Weissert


Member of the Executive and Investment Committees at OxonCapital. Provides strategic advisory to portfolio companies and non-portfolio clients.

ID 46983

Kevin McDonagh

CEO @novoda offering the world's foremost Android expertise and Organiser @droidcon a global conference celebrating the Android platform.

ID 189889

André Panné

CEO and founder of 99tastes, founder of TelcoMobile International, previous in IT-consulting (Accenture,gedas) and Telco (tyntec, BenQ-Mobile), Partner @ TRADUM

ID 535934

David Beermann

#designer #developer #digitalmedia #art #design #technology #creativecoding

ID 224722

Kees Romkes

Social business strategist, developing digital communications strategy to help your company grow. #mc1r

ID 308522

Piotr Drozd

COO @ecosia; Advocate of evidence-based practices; Social entrepreneur; Previously at Mendeley, United Nations, McKinsey & Co.

ID 91431

Tommy Jensen


Investment adviser and Entrepreneur in Tech, Media and Sport.

ID 381407

Cat Noone

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer @LiberioApp — Simple eBook creation and one-click publishing. Lover of meaningful, beautiful and easy to use products.

ID 196698

Alexandra Nikolova

Founder @eventyard • ex VP Marketing at @xs-software • Marketing specialist turned entrepreneur • Code First: Girls alumni • Forbes Bulgaria's "30 under 30"

ID 61009

Mikko Koskinen

Founder & CEO of @scoopinion. Worked at Powerkiss, Aalto & Stanford ME310 Alumni.

ID 309733

Howard Hunt

Dustcloud Founder. Disinformation Architect. Editor of Blender, award-winning CD ROM magazine published in New York during the dot com boom.

ID 30544

Alex Jawad

Co-founder @30k. Strong in product concept & biz dev, sales, financial analysis. Founder & ex-Director / @UpteamCorp

ID 170610

Artur Lapinsch

ID 4729

Simon Tennant

ID 212265

Evgeni Kouris

Founder & CEO of Toywheel • Founder & musician at Timid Tiger • Strong IT and digital business background (12+ experience working in industry and startups)

ID 28663

Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Crowdsourcer, Founder & CEO of Ludvik + Partners

ID 54361

Tim Lawrenz


10 years experience with Internet companies. CTO of a high volume company. Several successful exits.

ID 56899

Christian Boas


Associate Partner Germany for Quorumm Digitial Venture Partners

ID 309970

Thomas Schildhauer

Founder @jovoto • Worked at @lufthansa-systems-ag, @bertelsmann-ag

ID 242946

Christoph Bach

Student of Business Information Systems, frontend-developer, webdesigner and guitarist who loves to play the blues.

ID 19332

Tao Tao

Founder GetYourGuide • Investor @localuncle @foundd

ID 100782

Felix Meissner


ID 152680

Enrico Bernardo

Founder @cinepass • Worked at @starify-stars-styles-shopping @wirkaufens, @robert-bosch-gmbh

ID 299729

Behrad Mirafshar

M.S.c on Design Thinking and Innovation

ID 254414

Niko Ćurić

Logistics, Market and Business Development

ID 256028

Alberto Perdomo

Founder @aentos • Product guy at @graphenedb • Bootstrapping • Background as developer • 6+ years running a web dev biz.

ID 640321

Daniel Karl Roberts

Founder @sidestage @coolnect @pirate-cat-radio • Worked at @nokia •

ID 201415

Marco de Ruiter


Driving change in the media, entertainment and communications industries through angel investments and strategy consulting

ID 247097

Tomaz Nedeljko

Design by engineering™ Currently at Dropbox, previously at Readmill.

ID 242970

Hannes Probst

ID 240112

Dennis von Ferenczy

Entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founder of @amiando (sold to XING), tech/product/marketing/BI focus, B2B/SaaS/transactional business models, Europe/LatAm/US

ID 76918

Heiko Rauch

ID 141321

Abhi Chirimar

Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 37352

Aljoscha Kaplan


Business Developer, Design Thinker, Innovation Manager, Entrepreneur, Media for Equity Investor

ID 9988

Sebastian Hoitz

Founder of @komola. Previously worked on IT projects for more than 8 years.

ID 174849

Roger Ahn

Founder @stylesparrow • Worked at @betfair, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 99530

Nicolò Borghi

Founder @creonomy • Previously Founder The Hub. Studied at @bocconi-university, @indian-institute-of-management-ahmedabad

ID 600251

Andre Holdschick

Strong business background (Worked as consultant at @kpmg for 5 years, AMD LLC)• Diploma Bunsiness Informatics at @university-of-leipzig 2010, @tu-ilmenau 2005

ID 58722

Espen Systad

Co-Founder of @the-early-edition-by-capsule-fm @capsulefm .

ID 353262

James Glazebrook

Content Manager at Factory Berlin, the tech campus at the heart of Berlin. Co-founder of überlin, one of Berlin's most popular English-language blogs.

ID 66393

Benjamin Bauer


Burger Lover. Globetrotter. Food delivery guy. Founder

ID 574724

Fabian Leipelt

Business Analyst at @westtech-ventures - technology-oriented early-stage VC, Worked at @groupon • Studied at @university-of-leipzig

ID 121260

Miki Devic

Co-Founder @DGAG 3D-Technology, @LETSROCKIT @httpool-group, @drmtm-com • Worked at @planetactive, @diagenics

ID 585511

Simon Barkow-Oesterreicher

Founder Uberchord Engineering • Working at @eth-zurich-1. Studied CS at @university-of-hamburg. Passionate guitarist, pianist and singer. EduTech advocate.

ID 223980

Bulk Edit

Information Architect, UX / GUI-Designer

ID 117388

Leanne Pittsford

Founder of Communications for GOOD @startwithus & @officehopping On @startout Board. Crazy Passionate about #StartUps #Tech #Women #LGBT #Travel #Food #SoCent

ID 379158

David Rosskamp


Investment Associate at @earlybird-venture-capital

ID 70698

Mark Klusza


Founder @dotproduct Founder @bitwyse-solutions-inc Founder @visi-image

ID 228775

Daniel Zulla


Quality means doing it right, when nobody looks.

ID 41513

Christoph Jenke

ID 65975

Tobias Conrad

SeniroDirectorNational [email protected]; GeneralManagerDigital [email protected] Impact; [email protected]; [email protected]

ID 242935

Christian Renner


Investment Manager hub:raum and Angel

ID 105912

Ric Ferrer

entrepreneur @533, founder @EDELSTALL, CCO @doctapers, UI/UX-Designer, web developer, gadget geek, mobile warrior, likes turtles. English|German|Spanish

ID 300489

Floor Drees

Developer evangelist. Future Neelie Kroes. Rails Girls supporter, organizer vienna.rb, PyLadies Vienna,

ID 496055

Rodrigo Rivera

Data Science & Startups @rocket-internet • Founder @emplido • Studied @national-university-of-singapore, @bocconi-university @technical-university-of-munich

ID 7546

Martin Frindt


Founder of @crowdpark ( #SocialCasinoGames #SocialGambling & MF.ounder Media ( #BA #Investor #Geek #LovesTech

ID 316495

Marc Clemens

Founder & CEO of, St. Gallen & HEC Paris Graduate, Generalist with Focus on Strategy and Finance

ID 281063

Ben Holfeld

Mobile App Expert

ID 9930

Bjoern Von Siemens

Linden VC, Harvard PhD

ID 185613

Max-F. Scheichenost

Founder and CEO of FALCON Agency. Co-founder of DailyDeal (acquired by @google in Sept 2011). Founder and Managing Partner of @Alps Ventures

ID 48976

Peter Bihr

What's next? Spreading the insights of innovators through consulting & conferences at @thewavingcat. @ThingsCon @UIKonf @nextconf @CoCities @IgniteBerlin.

ID 353531

Alejandro Garcia Del Bosque

Founder @staytuned. Business techy (TMT Ibanking + Startup Accelerator). Profitable startup in college (ecommerce). Designer by hobby (CS6)

ID 342576

Hristo Odiseev

Managing Director of Rocket Internet Technology Center | Founder of Zaedno & incirQle | Lives technology and startups | Worked at Google, 3M, KPMG

ID 239213

Deyan Dimitrov

Founder of @unioncy. Strongly execution focused serial entrepreneur. Worked at @rocket-internet, @wimdu-gmbh-deleted, @philips, and @ericsson

ID 227617

Gianluca Varisco

Open Source Enthusiast. Geek. Head of Global Security @rocket-internet

ID 255042

Vesselina Tasheva

Community Manager @eleven & Founder/Consultant @short-bio. Previously: EMEA community manager at Telerik, account executive at DDB Sofia

ID 236889

Mario Paladini

Founder & CEO @club-globals & Past President @eRotaryGlobal • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @internations • Studied at @european-university-viadrina-frankfurt

ID 199831

Stefan Baumschlager

ID 187334

Chris Morrison

Product and game designer. Before switching fields, I was an early employee at two successful web media brands, VentureBeat and Inside Network.

ID 126308

Emil Lamprecht

Consultant, founder, adventurer. A full stack marketer and product visionary from a jack-of-all-trades background in tech, media and adventure industries.

ID 262072

Hessam Lavi

Founder & CEO at Jobspotting, founded @berlin-startup-jobs and @london-startup-jobs, worked at @google

ID 221501

Diogo Alves

Worldwide Experience in 7 countries. Serial Entrepreneur in 4 continents. VCs Advisor USA & Europe. Strong Business Background (Rocket Internet, Consulting)

ID 310466

Will Madden

Cofounder of Geddit. Expert in frontend development with JS/Angular and web technologies. Quality zealot.

ID 180231

Jose Antonio Martín-Bejarano Sánchez

ID 204789

Michael Georg Schmitt


Michael started a text based bulletin board system with some Zyxel U1496 as a file-share system at 15 years old, converting this into the first graphic based BBS and soon after selling it as a “real” internet company to a German Telco at the age of 18. Th

ID 302264

Katerina Pljaskovova

Working on/in the startup is crazy, but I do it anyway, because I'm in love with I do.

ID 400906

Lea Kaufmann


Studied Media/Communication and Business Economics. Now in Marketing. Past companies Acne, Volkwagen, Capgemini and Razorfish. Now Fantastic Frank.

ID 461874

Nick Dijkstra

Customer Success Manager at RetentionGrid; former customer care, hospitality and sustainable management; BBA.

ID 329887

Lisa Kennelly

Community & marketing manager at Clue. Background in social media strategy, public relations and journalism.

ID 665724

Peter Konhäusner

Founder & CEO of MediaXP, a leading European digital entertainment & lifestyle transmedia group.

ID 38517

Daniel Hoepfner

ID 296868

Hendrik Beck

15+ years engineering experience; hands-on lean and agile; built teams and launched products in Vietnam and Myanmar; loves leading engineering teams and people

ID 9162

Oliver Moser

Founded @glossybox, @spielerkabine-net (sold to major german soccer magazine kicker), supported at @groupon, @zalando, @jimdo. Online Marketing Expert.

ID 72975

Constantijn Seys

Junior researcher at MICT

ID 24042

Jodok Batlogg

Founder and CEO at Crate Data

ID 82027

Dominik Faber

Founder of @softgarden and @bookletmobile

ID 22777

Marcel Duee

Founder of @ubertweek-gmbh: Next-Gen Video Discovery

ID 160128

Emil Kendziorra

Founder & Managing Director at Medlanes, M.D. turned entrepreneur with years in entrepreneurship (everything from agency to startup)

ID 499713

Alvaro Burgos

Founder Washr • Worked at @rocket-internet, @zalora-1 • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 140583

Pedro Barrera

Founder @gymi-gym-intelligence-wearables @midr, @pinchebanco-com • Worked at @sbootcamp, @vision-consulting • Studied at @univesidad-autonoma-del-estado-de-hidalgo

ID 2532

Raja Bhatia


ID 29132

Anton Johansson

reinventing things online

ID 95810

Haymi Behar


Head of Online Marketing Solutions at Hurriyet Co-Founder @ Boomads & Launched in 2011 Boomads is the largest SMP/blog network in TR & growing fast in Europe. Launched in 2009 Tipeez has quickly become the largest online Tween Community in Turk

ID 193572

Christoph Hellmuth

Lead Designer at @blinkist-1 Previous @purmeo @6wunderkinder, @friendsurance Founder @close-guru •

ID 77360

Tobias Gerlinger

Founder and CFO of @infernum, Founder and CEO of Frogster Pacific, CEO of humatrix

ID 78619

Markus Angermeier

building the digital since 1998. Founder · CPO

ID 533099

Claus Hollensteiner

I design & code websites. Fuck print.

ID 232060

Niklas Jansen

Cofounder of @Blinkist. Product and growth. Previously M&A @kpmg . Love trying new things.

ID 128425

Wilfried De Wever

International Advisor - Aspiration Agent

ID 112716

Jakob B. Kistorp

Founding Partner at VentureScout - sourcing startups for Corporates. Entrepreneur at Rainmaking and Co-founder of Startupbootcamp FinTech

ID 187869

Danielle Reid

Co-founder, @the-early-edition-by-capsule-fm, @sterio-me & @snapcat. @sandbox-network member. Audio I Media I Technology. Taking care of the creative.

ID 61848

Martin Möllmann

Product Manager @commercetools, former @mister-spex, @shortbet, @madvertise, @klarmobil

ID 97970

Robert Reiz

Founded @ploin in 2008 and sold it 2010 to Reutax AG. Worked 2011 as Managing Director for WildGigs SF. Since 2012 CEO & Founder @versioneye.

ID 46797

Moodi Mahmoudi

Founder and CEO at @collaborne. First startup out of university. C-level experience in venture-backed businesses. @insead-1 MBA 2011.

ID 43233

Andreas Cem Vogt

Innovation Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Mentor, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner and MBA (@openuniversity)

ID 96682

Will Perkins

Worked at @ezeep-1

ID 688878

Brendan Quinn

Consumer Software PM in Berlin

ID 378570

Anna Ott

ID 79834

Anton Skornyakov

Founder & Advisor @workhub, Lean Innovation Consultant

ID 180217

Matthias Kretschmann

UI/UX designer & frontend developer massaging & coding pixels @ezeep-1

ID 229784

Elena Fironova


VC - looking for early stage investment opportunities in Internet and Tech space.

ID 42645

Philipp Kruger

Founder explorist, @weltderwunder-de • Worked at @siemens, @bertelsmann-ag • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology @mit-sloan-school-of-management School of Management, @harvard-university Kenn

ID 142251

Lukas Kampfmann

CEO at Mentor. Studied at Communication in Social and Economic Contexts at @berlin-university-of-the-arts-1. Former COO of proud Works, founder of

ID 160952

Mirta Gilson

BusDev at @make-tv and @audiotool • Worked at @good-corps, @hobnox-usa, completed Global MBA

ID 118493

Inês Silva

Co-founder & Chief Pirate at @startup-pirates.

ID 216534

Florian Steger


Senior Investment Manager at Deutsche Telekom hub:raum, previously entrepreneur for 14 years (mobile, b2b)

ID 276686

Ben Gögge

Head of Product and Marketing at ZappChoice GmbH. MA in game studies at FH Köln; BA in cultural sciences at EUV FFO; worked 11 years at ZDF.

ID 382954

Lennart Hennig

Passionately curious and searching for empathy driven organizations and teams.

ID 22468

Saad Jabrane Your local search engine Forget adresses & kind of biz from directories and alike Find the product/service you want near you wherever you may be.

ID 94845

Robert Lenzhofer


Gaming (F2P & real-money) Entrepreneur & Product-Freelancer based in Berlin. Former @bwin-party and @crowdpark. Investor in @zoomsquare.

ID 352196

Garrett Whitmore


Serial adviser, avid agitator, structured advocator and overall nice guy.

ID 295779

Chaney Ojinnaka

Managing Partner @ChalkRow. Former EiR @startupbootcamp, Innovation @aetna, Growth @humana, MBA @Booth. Launched successful consumer internet products.

ID 104255

Jennah Kriebel

International rainmaker

ID 87578

David Link

Founder & CEO of @workhub

ID 53296

Mark Pors


Inbetween startups. Playing with tech (Arduino, RPi, Python, AngularJS, Go, Crypto, bitcoin,...) and getting fit again (Lifting iron).

ID 305876

Gaurav Singh

Head of Investment Mgmt & International Portfolio Dev at hub:raum MS Management & Engineering at Stanford BS Computer Science at Oxford & HPI

ID 120710

Albert Poghosyan

Entrepreneur, trainer, husband, community guy. Good taste in airplanes and takeoffs. Chief baker at DemoBakery.

ID 512042

Jesse Manuel

Founder 10Coders

ID 207935

Wolfgang Merkt

Serial Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Developer, Startup Coach., - Web, Desktop & App Consultant - Studied at UT Austin & Uni of Edinburgh

ID 24420

Martin Reiche

CS student, minor in machine learning and optimization

ID 8552

Hubert Gertis



ID 126789

Door2Door GmbH

Door2Door GmbH is a Berlin-based company which creates elegant and easy to use travel and transportation apps.

ID 171932

Arndt Schwaiger

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Business Studies, Founder, Co-Founder, Board, Advisor of different startups: internet, mobile, apps, games

ID 11366

Kushtrim Xhakli

Partner at Founder of Fast Europe Ventures LLC, HackFwd Referrer from Berlin. Digital & Mobile Communications Strategist.

ID 146548

Adelina Peltea

Inbound Marketing Freelancer for Tech Startups. Previously co-founded 2 startups and a non-profit.

ID 296018

Brian Yeung

Director of Product Design, SoundCloud. Formerly at Google Ventures, Kinect, Xbox, CMU. Experienced in web, mobile, exhibits, and games.

ID 259021

Eden Dhaliwal

Entrepreneur, Advisor to startups, Consulting growth companies

ID 90822

Sascha Stürze

CEO, @analyx Seed investor, @analyx Ventures

ID 198762

Matthias Spanic

CEO of Palabea. 1st start-up was a profitable video broadcasting company. Strong business background (Ernst & Young, Mercedes-Benz). Experience in e-commerce.

ID 433762

Nora-Vanessa Wohlert

Founder @edition-f • Worked at @gr-nderszene @VerticalMedia @fischerAppelt @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 208584

Abigail Freeman

Strong entrepreneurship & innovation background: @ucl, @Nesta, @UAL's Enterprise Collective. Start-up mentor. Strategic thinker & creative doer @wearepopup

ID 99904

Eray Basar

I'm with the new stuff

ID 314532

Aidas Bendoraitis

Expert of Django and jQuery, interested in web, mobile, and game development.

ID 19216

Marko Wenthin

founderCEO 3 companies, CoCreator E-Com spec. @sofort-bank, Turnaroundster, exper. 4 countr

ID 450574

Philip Andrews

Founder and CEO of Liquid State, author, technologist and publishing industry veteran.

ID 600867

Rodrigo Belmonte

US Country Manager at @nativead Success-driven digital, sales, and marketing professional offering large work experience in progressively senior assignments with proficiency in international business. IESE Business School.

ID 150424

Anna Cotroneo

Co-Founder and Operations @ EvoMob. Mobile-Commerce Specialist. Partner and Head of Sales @evoleas (SapnaSolutions) Strong knowledge of Offshore Development Practices. Experience in India, Germany, Ireland, Italy

ID 536492

Benjamin Nolan

Business Developer, lover of all things sales and partnerships. Two years B2C sales experience, looking for the right startup BD challenge.

ID 372058

Alexander Mihaylov

Co-Founder and CEO @betahaus-sofia - the biggest coworking space on the Balkans. Studied Political Science at @fu-berlin.

ID 44969

Justin E Scull


Co-founder & Product Manager at @bonagora

ID 96813

Frode Jensen

Founder @socius-1, @startup-norway • Jack of all Internet trades

ID 25669

Evgenios Skitsanos

CEO at @skitsanos Inc. Strong Business Development background, running multiple international IT projects worldwide. Startups Mentor.

ID 459099

Steffen Siewert

Founder of airfy, Geek, Sales-Guy, CEO

ID 115819

Lisa Lang

Founder Luft & Hertz • Worked at @twilio, @sitepoint • Studied at @monash-university

ID 155962

Michael Demidov


Investor @kown-1, Principal @ftl, mentor @founder-institute St.Petersburg, ex-Russian Tech Journalist @CNews

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 138815

Tim Niemeier


ID 242941

Max Ferdinand Baldelli

Founder @startup-nomads • Worked at @accenture, @kpmg, Master and Bachelor in Economics

ID 157764

Marcel Scherf

Founder @epicrails-web-app-development, • Worked at @you-is-now, @imedo-gmbh

ID 69672

Holger Dieterich

I support startups and internet companies in the development of their business model, product and usability. I’m also co-founder of Whelmap.

ID 102480

Erik Stoffregen

Founder & Managing Director at Medlanes | tech entrepreneur with years in SaaS and strong big data affinity.

ID 485552

Marcus Willner

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 171149

Marcin Jan Fejfer

Investment Analyst at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. Educated in the field of Innovation Management, worked in Poland, Portugal, Denmark and India.

ID 130582

Julia Derndinger

Pro in CEO and Founder Coaching Founder of German Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator Program - large network in startup hub Germany Serial Entrepreneur

ID 196458

Justin Custer

Founder @chatlingual. Global consulting experience: 5 years, 9 countries (Accenture, CitiGroup). Product manager. Focused on results.

ID 49539

Paul Nelligan

Currently working on - a better way for musicians to represent themselves online. Also working part-time as a RoR developer.

ID 311254

Martin Kessler

Looking for Opportunities ★ Former Founder/CEO @phonejoy. ★ MSc @cuhk ★ Growth Hacker Attracted to big challenges, enjoys games on very hard difficulty.

ID 313058

Mathias Gerdt

Founder @taplab-gmbh, homewhere

ID 315347

Marko Jukic

Global Digital Brand Manager at Delonghi Braun Household GmbH. Entrepreneur at heart, passionate about Digital Marketing, Startups & Business Development

ID 51442

Rob Morgan

CTO at Locafox, THE ICONIC / Rocket Internet Alumni, Purveyor of Electronic Dance Music, Startups, Technology, Travel

ID 64079

Kaweh Kalirad

An Entrepreneur with @proven results. Live and work in Berlin. My focus in Internet Social Media.

ID 142959

Jeremias Wolf

Founder Mentor

ID 75934

Carole Wai Hai

Multi-lingual consultant with 6+ years, data junkie, I enjoy taking up new challenges and driving successful Internationalization strategies for mobile apps.

ID 103714

Daan Loening

Cofounder @ - Germany's leading community marketplace for babysitters.

ID 286203

Ingo Hinterding

Founder @crowdpark, @shotshop-com

ID 192944

Maxime Guedj

CEO & Co-Founder of T'écoutes Quoi ? • Passion, Creativity, Focus and Harmony are my 4 cardinal directions • Improving people's lives through music.

ID 21146

Sam Gichuru


CEO & Founder @ Nairobi Accelerator Limited, Startup Coaching and Mentoring in Emerging Markets, Investor and Consultant

ID 167981

Maxim Tkachuk

• Founder @trendkill-designers • Worked at @frog-design, @UsabilityLab • Studied Design at Usability Week (NNGroup) and Software Development at ZSTU

ID 395689

Julien Donck

Hyper Island Graduate in Digital Media, working as a Digital Product Designer.

ID 298015

Kevin Valdek

CTO and co-founder of @high-mobility-1. Experience with many different technologies. Mindset to keep things lean and clean.

ID 180884

Daniel Nathrath

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @viagogo

ID 249496

Lindsay Kay

3D software developer (WebGL), SceneJS author, platform architect for @biodigitalhuman

ID 473771

Manuel Holtz

Founder @jobspotting • Worked at @google • Studied at @open-university-london, @uni-duisburg-essen-ise

ID 192316

Marc Boehm

Organizing IdeaLab! conference, VC Intern, helped to launch a restaurant chain, lived in Silicon Valley, passionate for Entrepreneurship, WHU Business student

ID 43471

Colin Schlüter

ID 46422

Ian Moss

Experienced Developer(RoR/Java), Face to face collaboration promoter, People connector, Co-Founder. Music fan. Walker.

ID 400693

Moritz Poewe


Partner at Paua Ventures

ID 200349


ID 64523

Amelia Cretu

Worked @google, lives in Berlin

ID 102191


founder at opportunities unlimited @opportunities__ (prelaunch : V @alpha-2) Creative intelligence Consultant (Founder

ID 29508

Carlo LaPadula

Founder @headwalk-germany-gmbh • Studied at @ict-marketing-university

ID 34536

Tomy Pelluz

Partner at Domestika. Worked at Condé Nast & Grupo Intercom.

ID 252423

Max Warkentin

Founder @postrwall • Worked at @startupweekend, @sbootcamp

ID 68173

Milan Vasic

Lead front end developer and Co-partner on @twingz, holder of M Sc in Computer science, Worked on several international projects, entrepreneur and mentor.

ID 522647

Andrea Kowalski

ID 310156

Lars Klein

Founder (of Flyft). Self-independent web-development, -design and -consulting services. Editor in chief of Unity Insider.

ID 473531

Jan Backes

Worked at @google, @dfki-german-institute-for-artificial-intelligence • Studied at @university-of-saarlandes

ID 589001

Mike Rötgers

CTO & Founder @wunderdata-gmbh

ID 95152

Tobias Zumbült

COO & co-founder @vodu

ID 56609

Corrado Alesso

Founder @creonomy • Worked at @uberall-com • Studied at @politecnico-milano, @universita-degli-studi-di-genova

ID 298133

Risto Vahtra

Founder and CEO @high-mobility-1. Strong technical design background and an automotive design enthusiast. Doing his best or nothing.

ID 18574

Claudio Gallo

Information & Business Strategy @stereomood ; Founder @bad-panda-records

ID 112333

Erik Stromlund

iOS and Rails developer. Owner of @fathomworks. Studied @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 106137

Jan Alberti


Investment Manager @bmp AG, CEO, 1st ICT-startup 21, business background @GOINcubator @siemens, @hsbc, PhD @university-of-potsdam, pushed 60+ startups in 6ys

ID 464029

Paweł Jarmołkowicz

Harimata CEO & Co-founder. Tech-savyy geek with 10 years of experience in software R&D. Singularity U GSP14.

ID 262005

Matthias Schaefer

Strategy & Execution of International Growth Plans for Consumer Internet & eCommerce Ventures. Thrives at the Interface of Biz, Tech and Ops.

ID 361037

Vivek Nanda

Global Venture Development at Rocket, MBA @whu @Kellogg @IIM-B, Engineering Graduate; Worked at Oracle, Verizon and couple of startups

ID 307249

David Schaerf

Founder @onelife-me Co-Founder @salz-brot-internet-gmbh-1 • Worked at @vodafone, @o2, @Bausch & Lomb, @sapientnitro • Studied at @bond-university, @london-metropolitan-university

ID 293343

Masoud Kamali


Founded WESTtech Ventures, Founded S&S Media Group

ID 185630

Daniel Endres

Founder & CIO @docdoc

ID 193432

Marco Vismara

Founder @lookals

ID 301713

Thomas Schinabeck

Co-Founder, CEO of @dotdotdot • Worked at @mtv-networks; • Studied at LMU Munich, WU Vienna • UX and Digital Brand Management

ID 669179

Luisa Maier

Entrepreneur & startup accelerator

ID 486508

Felix Jahn


Business background (WHU, Bain & Company), founding MD of Rocket Internet (2007-2009), founder & MD at Home24 (since 2009), angel investor in several companies

ID 362916

Mario Di Nucci

CTO & Co-Founder @gruvit-1. Worked for 6 years as Software Engineer @plinga and @exprivia. Experienced Java developer.

ID 273288

Eva Hoefer

Multidisciplinary Senior Designer, strong background in brand identity UI/UX Design, co-founded KptnCook, worked at MetaDesign, designed mobile Apps.

ID 260069

Pamela Bini

CEO and founder of MyChildWorld. Mom & entrepreneur. University between Germany and Italy, MBA at the Bocconi Business University in Milan, PHD in Berlin.

ID 656874

William Toll

Worked at @yottaa, @navisite • Studied at @new-england-college

ID 506802

Ben Hesseldieck

Founder NOCK IT GmbH, Tech-Savvy, Love to build great products

ID 264917

Alexander Reeg

Entrepreneur and Founder KptnCook, professional freelance software developer. Alumni @startupweekend , @lisbon-challenge, @angelhack

ID 164977

Patrik Winkler

Filling gaps @berlin-startupbootcamp | formerly @streetspotr, @german-startups-group (VC), @smart-mobile-factory | business graduate, idea creator, pusher

ID 560406

Iris S. Hafner

ID 626465

Kai Daniels

Started as consultant, moved on to business developing to finally create something own!

ID 9843

Christopher Comella

Dual citizen: US/Sweden. Experience: startups, VC, sales, marketing, and biz dev. Edu: Gothenburg University (Software Engineering) and @georgetown-university (MBA)

ID 577946

Yaknel Elorza

Founder of Plumage ·Tattoo Collector

ID 70801

A Mahm



ID 163238

Stefan Wolpers

Founder, CEO of ebookmakr • First technology startup out of university, worked a.o. at @deloitte Consulting, @qype. Founder of Startup Camp Berlin.

ID 69978

Jan Willem Van der Meer

Chief Commercial Officer at Paylogic

ID 122213

Marten Hauville

Business Management & Technical Development for OpenStack software and service provider in Europe and Australia.

ID 42398

Daniel Finck

Co-Founder @pfeffermind-games Cultural Engineer B.A., Management & Economics M.A. Studied at @korea-university University Business School and Zeppelin University

ID 139274

David Neisinger

Founder MediaHQ • Founder @esupply, BDev @sapna-infotech-solutions

ID 301764

Thomas Weyres

Co-founder and visual designer @dotdotdot, worked as one of the managing directors of, freelanced for MTV, SonyBMG, MySpace.

ID 288376

Patricia Sierra

ID 85179

Michael Xander

Co-Founder of @hikewith-me. Half of @my-morning-routine. curator. I like tech, design, traveling and startups. ✈

ID 303688

Mariusz Cieśla

Designer. Developer. Gamer. Co-founder @lifetramp. Passionate and opinionated. I like to make a difference.

ID 202254

Karolina Szczur

ID 364095

Joël Kremer

Founder of Kremer Consulting, helping people deliver full potential of their business. 14 year background in Tech (Google, startups, small & enterprise clients)

ID 283239

Steffen Maier

CPO @impraise • Revolutionizing the way people and organizations improve. Mobile, real-time feedback for your personal development @impraise

ID 427855

Andreas Schmidt


Founder stealth, Barefoot Organic, CEO @aol Europe, CEO @bertelsmann, BeMusic, lead investments @napster, CDnow, MyPlay• Studied at @harvard-business-school

ID 110943

Augustin Friedel

Operations Manager at Uber. Mechanical Engineering and Business Background. Founder of eFood Startup Frische Diät, worked at @bmw-ag and Consulting

ID 55873

Simon Schmid

Swiss/Czech in Zurich/Berlin. Done law, now into everything Tech related. I run @thegodfounder.

ID 121871

Sebastian Dehling

Business Designer and Strategist - I go with the flow to get shit done, but regularly off the beaten pass to fail, learn and repeat.

ID 106620

Benjamin Brandt

Co-founded @talentrun Online Karaoke (merged with MIKESTAR). Strong new media business background (TU Berlin). Managing director of @nextsocial.

ID 262178

Clement Adam

Paris born, Amsterdam raised, Berlin based. New Media | Photography | Design | Online Marketing | Psychology | Startups - Marketing at Startupbootcamp

ID 86050

Karina Sanz

Internet Technologies -Product Manager - MBA - @haas-school-of-business School of Business, UC Berkeley

ID 3690

David Lehrer

Founder Conatix • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 212367

Kamil Barbarski

Founder of MAK3it & LEANHEROES. Business Designer and Online Marketer with strong Customer Development and Prototyping skills. Master BA. Ready to take off!

ID 12733

Dan Choon

Founder @ganzfeld, @heidelberg-life-science-lab

ID 53858

Victor Cazacu

Founder/CPO at SnappyApp. Creative Technologist. iOS Developer. Science enthusiast. Technology addict. All around geek.

ID 157287

Marc Linneweber

GM at candena. Co-Founder of @stylemarks • Worked at @pwc-1, @bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation in Luxembourg, China, Thailand

ID 302971

Ulf S. Baecker

#goingglobal evangelist, CEO usbaecker capital: co-investor in NXT GEN Global Startups, very rarely seed investments, passionate about impact investment

ID 46573

James C Russell

Founder & CTO of PayPerTask Ltd • Worked at @vmware, @self-employed-2

ID 573413

Malte Delbrueck

paid reader

ID 105265

Koen Lenssen


Investment Manager at Tengelmann Ventures. Previous experience with Axel Springer, Endemol, SONY, Cisco. MBA Rotterdam School of Mgmt. M.A. College of Europe

ID 208112

Sara Maria Spiller

Master's in Economics (Cologne) and International Management (HEC Paris). 10 yrs in networking/conference industry incl. CEO in Berlin and NYC. Founded manetch.

ID 627817

Jo Jansch


ID 328199

Julia Krüger

Julia once cooked up a rainbow-dumping pony in her biotech lab and taught it to play laser tag, backwards, while playing violin.

ID 360491

Elena Samuylova

Startups & International business development at Yandex.

ID 18923

Marcus Tonndorf

Swedish Entrepreneur and currently founder of Primal Shield. 5 Countries, 5 companies, 5 Languages and 5 areas of expertise.

ID 700056

Markus Oehring

ID 4721

Dr. Nikolaos Katsaras

ID 13798

Andreas Lenz

CEO & Co-Founder @t3n-magazine for Digital Business, Co-Founder @hardwrk-gmbh, Co-Initiator BarCamp & ConventionCamp Hannover, LIDA Award Winner, German Startup Jury 2012, 2013

ID 516138

Thomas Nitsche

Founder @proximic, @cogeon • Studied at @albert-ludwig-university, @technische-universitat-munchen

ID 484177

Georg Kitz

Trying to solve every day problems with software.

ID 107886

Sylvester Kaczmarek

Founder @comangle,@Game-Academy strong business and management background, 3 MSc, anything's possible attitude

ID 346532

Allison Morton, MBA

MBA, International professional with experience marketing, sales, and strategy teams. Passionate about technology, business model innovation, and online/mobile commerce.

ID 328192

João Ramos

Designer & developer at archify

ID 622840

Markus Gilles

CEO & Founder of Pinio • former Press Spokesman & CCO @german-fair-trade-forum • Project Leader @president of Parliament Berlin • PR-Manager @german Parliament

ID 511778

Saskia Sefranek

Associate at GMPVC - Germany's first Media4Equity VC fund, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast from Berlin

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder & CEO @ediply | MA Grad @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university | Lived & Worked in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Jakarta | Ed-Tech

ID 158937

Daniel Brückner

ID 471162

Horatiu Gratian Stefan

Worked at @ebay, @samsung • Studied at @Kellogg, @london-school-of-economics, @Swarthmore

ID 468865

Marco Eder

Global bridge builder looking for new challenge in Tech Sector

ID 595033

Paul Szurek

Investing & strategy consulting @insight-venture-partners • Worked @bain-company • Studied mathematical economics @wake-forest-university

ID 270619

Nick Garland

Worked at @stubhub, @karangoo-com • Studied at @university-of-kentucky

ID 406951

Sascha Lazimbat


Consultant, founded digital music distributor Zebralution (exit to Warner Music Group) and e-book distributor A2EP, previously Head Of Music & Video at Vodafone

ID 262720

Philipp Reinartz

Founder @pfeffermind-games • Studied at @university-of-cologne, @university-of-potsdam, Universidad de Zaragoza

ID 213281

Michal (Mikhail) Barabanov


ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 48980

Kilian Barrera

CEO & Cofounder of @welovroi and @Bitzen

ID 416756

Tim Hufermann

Entrepreneur, CoFounder @menu, @jungmut, @eelusion • studied International Business, European Management, LL.M.

ID 350238

Ricardo Rohr

Brazilian Interactive Art Director with focus on concept development, creative strategy, conceptual thinking and art direction.

ID 43710

Harry Doull

Co-founder at, Financial Analyst at @google

ID 48559

Louis Flanigan

Founder MySprts • Brand developer • Studied at @university-of-delaware • Loves sports!

ID 137747

Shehryar Piracha

Founder @uStamp,, @Kupon Vilag, @groupon-belgium • @insead-1 MBA

ID 69218

Greg Hertzke

Minimalist mentality with an obsession for the startup life, baseball, random adventures & working on big problems. Always learning how to create a better way.

ID 379545

Albrecht von Breitenbuch

Lawyer (Counsel) @orrick in Berlin who advises entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies and investors.

ID 110937

Matthias Kandeler

Founder & CEO of, and Strong business background. Working experience in Germany, US, Canada.

ID 228709

Hanno Blankenstein


Build 3 start-ups, in Europe and Australia. Strong strategy and product and service innovation skills, worked at @Booz & Company, @vodafone

ID 659603

Daniel Dierkes

ID 155398

Martin Zhel

Inbound marketing expert, Founder of @Orior Creative

ID 254934

Paul Lange


Paul is an internationally experienced C-Level executive specialised in leading start-ups & complex business expansions, venture capital and equity investments.

ID 223223

Mojtaba Taali

CEO of deMiFi; Worked for Telekom and Core-Banking; 2 exits

ID 617939

Johannes Simon

EiR @etventure-seed-investment; Co-founder @mobile-timelines-ug; Founder•Former entrepreneur @internetone-ag and managing director @kisseria-de

ID 105396

Stefan Vosskoetter

Co-Founder of, founder of, founder of

ID 106267


berlin-based nerd | @musichackday enthusiast | [email protected] dev | dj/musician at @diskodna

ID 225336

Timo Borreck

Software Engineer with a passion for startups

ID 170573

Dubie Bacino

Self-searching dreamweaver, #psychonaut, #blogger, #pilgrim, #SocialMedia lover

ID 234687

J. Marco Bremer

Entrepreneur, Founder of blue media labs. Worked at IBM Almaden, Fujitsu, various startups. Strong IT product management. MSc Math, UC Davis CS PhD, INSEAD MBA.

ID 35212

Katrin Suess

CTO / Founder Vimily • Founder @bleebook • Founder ZeroMail • MA Design Innovation. Worked as the leading UI designer for start-ups in Australia & Germany.

ID 35888

Gerrit Sindermann

Analytical mind, entrepreneurial heart. Banker turned web & mobile entrepreneur. Loves new business develoment - strategic and practical.

ID 416202

Benjamin Wüstenhagen

Co-Founder and CEO at K.lab Berlin Passionate about @entrepreneurship and @edtech Business Background

ID 304356

Richard Ruben

Founder @cinepass. Started my own IMDb like moviedatabase at the age of 12. Passionate about building businesses and movies

ID 69452

Roberto Esposito

Founder & CEO of DeRev - Blogger, writer, serial startupper and 3 Guinness World Records holder for unconventional marketing strategies on social media.

ID 363027

Lukasz Wojtusiak

Founder and CEO @inquversity • Worked at @ing, @eureko-insurance

ID 538683

Charlene Nemson

Worked at @ieg-investment-banking-group, @houlihan-lokey • Studied at @columbia-university, @sciences-po-paris

ID 336555

Christian Beier

Founder @shoutr-labs-ug

ID 568594

Perțe Raul

CEO at @webrising

ID 142300

Oliver Stark

Founder of @doonited • Master in Int'l Business with strong business background having the skills, passion and dedication to make things happen.

ID 699061

Pan Katsukis

Entrepreneur specialized in mobile ad tech. Founder of madvertise (sold to MNG), ad tech advisor (ie Fyber & adjust), Angel of metafoto, drivn & tictaptoe.

ID 68133

Kelly Davis

Worked at @mental-images, @max-planck-institute-for-gravitational-physics • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 101232

Miro Wilms

Founder @trecker-com, StartWork • Studied at @university-of-mannheim business background with strong focus on IT, data organisation, B2B SaaS

ID 687982

Teshia Treuhaft

Current RISD 2050 Research Fellow in Berlin. Writing for, Core77 and MoMA PS1. RISD MFA Design Grad.

ID 107241

Cuchi Costa

Head of Product @moviepilot • Product Designer @muchbeta @miguelriosdesign • Studied Design

ID 175761

Carsten Lebtig


Founder @testcloud, @orrington-ventures • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at @Kellogg

ID 193406

Peppe Sirchia

I usually create digital things.

ID 305205

Halil Köklü

Team builder and techical leader. Head of Ecommerce Tech @broadmargins. Once @koding. Ex-CTO @namshi.

ID 693267

Lauren Braun

ID 625106

Max Imilian

MA and PhD; prof. background in Private Equity & Consulting. Built up start-up as MD, then founded own internet biz. Sold. Now new venture in Berlin.

ID 641281

Michelle Tran

Director of Data Science at @priori-data • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 502871

Alessandra Busignani

M.Sc. in Management, Communication and new Media. Strong creative and entrepreneurial background. Specialized in Service Design, Marketing and Advertisement.

ID 307191

Paul Sheridan

"Hunter" business developer: seasoned professional, team player and persuasive negotiator, with technical emphasis (@siemens @euro-rscg)

ID 490461

Paula Seidel

Worked at @axel-springer-plug-and-play-accelerator

ID 125906

Mathias Beugnon

I work with great entrepreneurs to make epic things. — Event organizer | Tech Nerd | Love Music x Photography | Draw subways | Good food lover & coffee addict

ID 154323

Stefan Bielau


Helping companies to achieve their goals in: mobile revenues, content distribution & digital expansion. I love smartphones, apps and great content on my mobile.

ID 431542

Katja Hunstock

Bachelor Degree in Economics. 3 years experience in Sales at HP-Portugal. 3 years experience in Event Management. Dynamic, Proactiv and Team worker.

ID 88841

Daniel Nippes

Looking for new team/ idea to start next venture. Strong background in business (Bain, Daimler) and startup experience from recent own startup Rocketinternships

ID 162760

Hendrik Kleinwaechter

Serial entrepreneur and techie. Founded @ordify-gmbh

ID 167925

Sascha Eikelmann

CEO of Hotelodeo. After touristic career (Carlson Hospitality, Steigenberger Hotels) 1st startup.

ID 385401

Michele Dallachiesa

Three-time co-founder, PhD in computer science, worked at IBM Research in New York and QCRI in Qatar.

ID 195483

Alexander Steinhart

Founder @offtime

ID 91210

Lars Markull

MSc Entrepreneurship grad - @em-lyon, @zhejiang-university & @purdue-university - Crowdfunding enthusiast - lived in 6 countries - Internationalization expert

ID 349128

Anne-Mette Jensen

Product manager at Clue. Partner at RAAK Labs.

ID 189570

Vishal Kapadia

ID 517229

Vera Kozyr

Founder of @helpmenow, @notanotherone, @gero • Worked at @motorola, @yota

ID 436773

Christian Gambardella

Co-Founder @totalcommerce, Founder @liveslide-1

ID 613897

Sidhartha Bezbora

Founder @trunoid

ID 428388

Íris Ólafsdóttir

Founder and CEO @Kúla. DSP engineer @iMotions, analyzed emotional response from gaze/pupil data. Programmer @calidris (@sabre), @sprettur, @accenture, @Dímon.

ID 53558

Malte B.

studied business informatics - involved in different web-app projects since then - working as software architect - interested in SOA, Web Services etc.

ID 222173

Mathias Nestler

Did some stuff.

ID 589386

Enda Crowley

ID 544222

Ali Albazaz

Founder of @inkitt • Former Developer @moviepilot • Former @microsoft Student Partner • Founded Fü in 2010

ID 61690

Bastian Gerhard

Head of TechOps @ Zalando. Intel Capital, Fraunhofer. 1st web startup out of high school. Lived in Tokyo for 6 yrs. Engineering background. MSc degree from UOL.

ID 435962

Irina Balko

ID 155673

Gennadi Tschernow

Co-Founded, Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @bond-university University and EBS

ID 256466

Christopher Milton

Great at connecting disparate, incompatible systems via various messaging platforms, developing new interfaces from scratch, web, database, mainframe, SOAP, REST

ID 506775

Jon Ayling

Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 592548

Stephane Wyper

Global Lead for MasterCard Start Path. Extensive strategy background in global financial services and emerging payments. MA from University of Edinburgh.

ID 223029

Philipp Schrempp

Founder @egg-de / Background: Serial Venture Co-Founder @rocket-internet + Investment Manager @hubert-burda-media / Studied @esade + @ebs-oestrich-winkel

ID 79208

Nicolas Sierro

COO of @galixo. International experience: Mobile/Internet/TV, customer interaction/satisfaction, Product & Project Management, Cross & Social Media.

ID 143307

David Moss

Curious, enthusiastic, credible and passionate ‘all-rounder’ with a thoughtful, measured and can-do approach at mobile start-up @smarterkey.

ID 295717

Daniel Rieth

Biz all-rounder with passion for communication.

ID 321206

Dominik Blattner

Co-Founder cupenya • 6yrs consulting for big companies like Bayer, Metro and Coca Cola • Business Process Management expert

ID 175226

Robin Stegemann

Serial Entrepreneur • Strong business background in social media marketing, sales, networking, product strategy and monetization

ID 174598

Michael Dohlen

CEO of tvquizz by @interactive-media-rebels, a Second Screen Startup to gamify the TV experience • Built startups w/ @nova-founders and @hanse-ventures before

ID 140228

Natasha Veiga

Operations - SapnaSolutions

ID 498395

Daniel A. Förstermann

Worked at @testcloud, @axel-springer • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego, @johann-wolfgang-goethe-university-frankfurt-main-germany

ID 303097

Bart Zimny

Co-Founder & CEO of CLIME. CEO of VORMlab. Product Designer, amateur glutton, cycling hotspur, sci-fi lover, doodle pro.

ID 200708

Emre Basar

MD (2004), PhD studies in Immunology at Harvard Medical School (2005-2012); Co-Founder/Investor @ InterNations Inc.

ID 486984

Christian Fleschhut

Frontend Developer, Marathon Runner, Music Addict

ID 377279

Jonas Gössling

Founder/CEO of @flowkey. Musician and engineer.

ID 420445

Natasha Yarotskaya

Director of Content at @priori-data. @middlebury-college BA'05, @university of Chicago MPP'08, @lse MSc'11.

ID 141790

Nicholas Thiede

Worked at @the-boston-consulting-group-1, @myhammer-de • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 443881

Umberto León Domínguez

Puedo construir un cerebro sin mirar las instrucciones. Suelo vivir el dia a dia. Soñador y optimista empedernido.

ID 500866

Sara Messelaar

Berlin-based copywriter and translator. Multilingual storyteller who gives companies a transcultural voice.

ID 289921

Marc Fuehnen

Experience of 7 years working as (senior/lead) frontend developer, specialized in fullstack js development (mongo/couch, node, mvc), team lead, Berlin, en, de

ID 189744


Diploma Communication Design

ID 329814

Steve Sherlock

17 years domain experience in online travel & airlines. Founded @VroomVroomVroom and @oodles currently - was recently in Startup Chile program.

ID 182748

Sriram Vaidhyanathan

Founder Kahana Labs • Worked at @citadel-investment-group, @third-point-llc • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @columbia-university

ID 279825

Sergei Sokolov

Tech-head: built two startups, evolved many as a backend architect. Art-head: photographer and musician.

ID 122844

Tibor Szász

I used to disassemble things as a child, now I can put them together. Founder of Stunn, UX fanatic, design and music lover. Building things is my passion.

ID 119878

Vasco Sommer-Nunes


Working on my 3rd start-up. Co-founded 2 before (#dating 97-02, #blogs 05-12), both were acquired. I try to keep a healthy & fun disrespect for the status quo.

ID 275791

Josh Kalderimis

Founder at Travis CI.

ID 92641


CEO 13 Grad Ost GmbH

ID 316342

Lionel von Dobeneck

Founder of JobCrowd GmbH; Graduated in Business Administration and Computer Science; Worked at Stern Stewart and Company

ID 680939

Maximilian Waldmann

Founder & CEO of @conichi. Previously worked @ Google, Rocket Internet, KPMG & Kleinwort Benson. Studied @ University of Bath & Singapore Management University

ID 178106

Leif Pritzel

MBA student at IESE Business school; Worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Arthur. D. Little & Merrill Lynch; Tech enthusiast & coder since age 11.

ID 500276

William Seghers

Co-founder @tebla • Worked at @team-europe, @sponsorpay

ID 655097

Sridharan Ravichandran

Musician, PM Growth at @soundcloud, VP Marketing @gameventures • Studied at @national-university-of-singapore

ID 25370

Jan Bohl


Major player in building up and managing Ableton, a profitable fast growing music software company since 2000, Seed investor in SoundCloud and further angel investments

ID 52602

SengTeong Chua

Serial co-founder / Global Business Developer / Start-up consultant across Europe and Asia.An @insead-1 MBA holder.

ID 343562

Ted Haile

Harvard MA (Mgmt), UCLA BS (Math/Econ), 10+ years of Software Development and IT Strategy Consulting. Strong Data Analysis/Business Integellience background

ID 551045

Laurens Spethmann

Co-Founder/COO Boston U. Venture Accelerator; Work at Crimson Hexagon; Startup Advisor

ID 372056

Julian Propstmeier


Investor at Partech Ventures, ex-Researcher / Post-Doc at Munich School of Management (LMU Munich), PhD in Business/Entrepreneurship

ID 187017

Martin Sookael

Serial entrepreneur, Chief Everything Officer @, Strong startup and product management background. Also fluent in marketing, social media and sales.

ID 148345

Adam Woolway

Creative mind with agenda of problem solving and constructing genuine relationships. Taken PlugSurfing from conception to revenue. Multi-lingual. Reads books.

ID 149994

Kajetan Armansperg

Founder of Alive. Economist (HEC Paris, Mannheim, Bain & Company) turned designer-developer (Alive). Travel enthusiast, marathon runner & mountain climber.

ID 67298

Jerrol Spier

Recruiting Sports & Gaming Leaders.

ID 637357

Jérémy Boissinot

Cofounder @keymetrics, @picorist • Worked at @natixis • Studied @escp-europe @university-of-michigan, @sciences-po-paris

ID 642773

Lior Hesed

Experienced software manager, architect and developer. Always interested in learning new things and hearing about good opportunities

ID 88471

Diarmuid O'Keeffe

Founder of Fuzzielabs. Telco background (Solution Architect), Comp Eng, MBA. Big into graphs and recommendation engines.

ID 440332

Frederik Fischer

Founder of / Postjournalism Ponderer / Noise Rock Connaisseur / Life Show Addict / Studied at City University London, Amsterdam University

ID 255081

Johannes Arning

Founder of Brotliebling UG • Generalist with experience in ecommerce product development & management • Social Entrepreneurship Enthusiast • MA Public Policy

ID 86530

Sebastian Schkudlara

Founder @jevvel, @medialvoz, @palabea-gmbh

ID 141722

Hakan Koç

CPO and former Head of Marketplace of @home24. Led mobile projects for @rocket Internet. Developer background plus law degree - and a wholeheartedly merchant.

ID 89626

Baris Erkol

UX & UI Design -Communicating design ideas through sketches, wireframes & mockups. -Interactive prototyping. -Collaboration with design & engineering team.

ID 515930

Matthias L. Jugel

Founder @streamdrill • Worked at @fraunhofer • Studied at @university-of-london

ID 145236

Henry Glucroft

Founder @airdrop, @little-skips • Worked at @oriel-wines, @john-foley-inc • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 356452

Thomas J. Ackermann

CTO at Bitcoin Brothers - Serial Global Entrepreneur, with 25+ Years Experience in US (Silicon Valley etc) and Europe, now in Berlin Germany

ID 316547

Benjamin Libor

Currently @rocket-internet

ID 517266

Igor Mikhnenko

Founder HelpMeNow, @gero • Worked at @yota as Creative Director

ID 238013

André Lange

CPO @ cast|a|clip Generalist with broad experience in digital business models and technologies (and - btw - not the bobsledder)

ID 400786

Tal Valler

MBA student at INSEAD. strong business and finance experience in two of Israel's largest financial service providers (Menora Mivtahim and Bank Hapoalim).

ID 19353

Martin Sieber

Advisor to @localuncle.

ID 327806

Nina Walters

CEO of Project: Escape. Cambridge graduate with strong background in discount eCommerce industry focusing on travel and product sectors. Cat lover.

ID 308101

Tobias Weißenfels

Consultant @UnitedDigitalGroup // worked for @madvertise, @zanox-acquired-by-axel-springer-verlag-and-publigroupe and @affiliate-window

ID 501867

Cristina Carrillo

Head of Global Supply for mobile advertising, worked at Google (Enterprise), experience with KAM and Distribution Management

ID 615478

Maxim Nitsche

Founder @cogeon • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 247945

Stefan Brunner


I founded TheTechMap to learn more about the new wave of startups and a way to directly help promote entrepreneurship. My focus is on the US and Germany.

ID 328330

Dennis Wetzig

ID 398372

Johanna S.S Bassetti

Stanford multi-disciplinary

ID 42825

Kei Nozaki


ID 142761

Jens Nikolaus

I design digital products and services. Co-founder of @you-the-gang. Formerly at, Edenspiekermann, Amen and more. Started up.front

ID 242947

Lukas Murmann

Co-Founder qLearning Applications. Studied in Munich (TUM) and London (UCL). Engineer for backend and mobile.

ID 392815

Sathyan Murugan

ex Consulting, IB and VC. Start-up enthusiast.

ID 250548

Júlio Santos

A Software Engineer and a great cook.

ID 89876

Enrico Icardi

CPO & Co-Founder @sharedesk 8+ years Front-end/ Back-end engineering. Collaborative Consumption Enthusiast.

ID 199853

Jochen Hummel

CEO of ESTeam, Chairman of, Startup Mentor, Coder Veteran

ID 264030

Joshua Asar

Founder @Currency_Bird. Entrepreneur @StartUpChile. MSc Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL. Dream chaser.

ID 350224

Benjamin George Griffin

Project Manager set on making a Non-Hierarchical Radio Network. Built first FM station at 23. Proven on AUD1.1M projects, exp in AUD500M Company.

ID 190329

kippibox team

A monthly drink of Italy! We deliver a monthly box with the best choice of italian taste.

ID 106551

Dr. Ricco Deutscher


Founder @flatfox-ag • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @sap • Investor @talend • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1, @university-of-leipzig

ID 89879

dario aschero

Design Lead & Co-Founder @SharedDesks. Design Lead 6+ years experience in Senior Designer roles for top European agencies.

ID 35358

Martin Scholl

Founder @infinipool.

ID 206137

Jan Johannes

Founder of flux, your inbox for all networks.

ID 137499

Claudio Naldi

Co-founder & CEO of Hypereight. Mobile Games Startup Since May 2013

ID 91191

Stephan Stubner


ID 64983

Julian von Blücher

Ecosummit´s Chief Sustainability Officer. Incubation Manager at Climate KIC, cleantech specialist, founder, investor, scholar and advisor.

ID 71321

Søren Houen

Senior backend developer / Ruby on Rails expert

ID 200994

Felix Schaal


Entrepreneur,Muslim,Cosmopolitan,Adventure Capitalist Founder @berlin-promotion-agency, @mamlaka-ventures-holding • Investor @neuronation-de, @movinary

ID 198035

Sebastian Schwemer

Bavarian-European enthusiast between tech, business and law. Copenhagen-based.

ID 652144

Max Ferdinand Kunz

ID 510036

Tobias Harttung

MD of Meltwater Buzz Silicon Valley / food lover & music freak / entrepreneurship / dog owner / Tweets are on my own

ID 211318

Farid Kalirad

Worked @home24, @rocket-internet, @timeslot

ID 162268

Antje Marx

developer. Worked for PANORAMA3000, Warner Bros. and @google

ID 21221

Romy Kraus

Founding editor and host of culture/tech magazine D! -- Previously media+marketing exec at Bertelsmann and @sony.

ID 170685

Karthik V. Srivats

LBS/IIT Alumni, Business Analyst at, Co-Founder and Ex - Chief Organizer of Technothlon

ID 186151

Marius Troy

Creative Director, with extensive experience as art director and interactive designer working with clients such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Nike and many others.

ID 309084

Dennis Just

Founder & Enforcer

ID 305451

Sebastian Bourmer


Investment Manager at hub:raum, previously founder of an fashion startup and project manager at a top tier consulting firm. MSc Management

ID 226935

Valéry Döhler

Co-founder @brokenmusic . 1st tech startup out of grad school. Strong business background (banking, startup). @university-of-zurich M.A. Mgt. & Econ. 2013.

ID 531748

Nikolaus Thomale

Founder & CEO • Former COO at @luxodo, worked @dailydeal, @freshfields-bruckhaus-deringer, @montblanc • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @bucerius-law-school

ID 187245

Benjamin Föckersperger

Founded, and

ID 212512

Nico Hagenburger

Worked at @hackerhires, @moviepilot

ID 208064

Koen Lenssen


Sony Europe, Endemol, Axel Springer,

ID 316472

Stephen Schouten

ID 493139

Hubert Saint Olive

Founder @drazao • Worked at @axa-private-equity, @itau-bba • Studied at @universidade-de-sao-paulo, @esce

ID 487594

Junayd Mahmood

Founder @friendography • Worked @us-senator-kirsten-gillibrand, @love-futbol • Studied @grinnell-college

ID 669956

Sandra Grether

Loves languages, fashion and gadgets.

ID 321240

Michael Puschmann

Abstammung von der Unterschicht aber Top Botschafter/Top Retweeter und Genialist an Allem Interessiert Auftrag Gottes

ID 40988

Dario Galbiati Alborghetti

Venture Partner @Atlantic Internet • Co-founder @paleo-jerky-1 @flagship-1 • Worked at @deutsche-telekom-ag

ID 263575

Kirk Bradley Peterkin

Technology Co-Founder VidBid. Integrating platforms, building solutions, and prototyping the future. Technologist - Strategist - Cellist

ID 287700

Jens Ravens

CTO at OnTime, CEO at code&design. Worked at nulleins™ and erasys GmbH. Software Developer and Designer.

ID 570860

Agnes von Matuschka

Director Centre for Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin

ID 131757

Daniel Jan Neetzel

Founder WebHype / inScore

ID 490014

Peter Lehmann

Studied at @peking-university-1, @copenhagen-business-school

ID 228425

Till Achinger

Mashup of a PR/Comms/Tech guy, founder @sonntagmorgen coffee, e-commerce / online project gun for hire, also founded @fast-forward-imaging. Lives in @berlin.

ID 105303

Corinna Powalla

Founder of @modomoto, business intelligence background, diploma in Business Administration from TU Berlin

ID 237531

Nikolas Schriefer

Founder & CEO @stagelink. Master student at Manhattan School of Music, NYC. Professional background and degrees in Business Administration and Music.

ID 680828

Louisa Denison

ID 174143

Justin McCormick

Accomplished team leader and employee motivator with a knack for workflow optimization.

ID 334762

Thomas Kadauke

Berlin startup founder, Ruby on Rails developer, Mobile App developer, Google SoC Fellow

ID 171498

Jan-Hendrik Dörlitz

Founder @hanseatic-brokerhouse-securities-ag, @hanseatic-brokerhouse-financial-services-gmbh

ID 310757

Meredith Hughes

Education professional based in Berlin. Social Media and Community Manager for The Dustcloud.

ID 244596

Dennis Charles Hackethal

Founder @stagelink • Worked at @bank-of-america, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @hu-berlin, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

ID 593247

Christian Meermann

Founder Cherry Ventures • Worked at @rocket-internet, @boston-consulting-group • Studied at @whu, @university-of-south-carolina

ID 426837

Andreas Hermann

@tinder , prior @credit-suisse @houlihan-lokey @loreal, Studied @london-school-of-economics @cass-business-school

ID 464722

Andrew German

ID 171646

Julian Vester

Founder @elbdudler, @quote-fm

ID 186139

Daniel Butler

Co-Founder / CEO Socius

ID 165713

Eric Anderson

Worked at @telesocial, @kadoink • Studied at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

ID 310170

Filipp Issa

Worked at @sony

ID 236500

david pichsenmeister

co-founder @orat-io, web developer, distributed systems, mobile computing.

ID 328963

Bernhard Hauser

CEO of, started out of university. BSc in Business w/ strong technical background.

ID 224056

Marian Kaufmann

Master in Creative Business Processes, Focus in Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation, Basic Understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP, Experience in CMS use,

ID 151293

Jeremy Zorn

VP Product at MeetMe. Doer of things. Juggler of priorities in a resource-constrained environment. Strategy, analytics, UX design, and whatever needs doing.

ID 442409

Amy Li

Freelance brand strategist and digital marketing consultant. Formerly at @nycdigital and @good.

ID 8876

Constantin Corrientes

Founder - Head of product - LegendsNet

ID 274232

June Odongo

Harvard MBA (2014), Cofounder ZOO Mobile Enterprise, Founder ZOO Memorial Foundation, Former Senior Product Manager @emc, HGSLI Fellow

ID 547791

Morgan Brown

Worked at @apple, @linkedin • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 622914

David Croyé

CMO at @kaufda /

ID 630306

Omkar Vedpathak

Full-stack software engineer, Oxford Engineering Major with prior experience in Automotive Engineering.

ID 335975

Christian Eggert

Founder at @minodes, built up several ventures for @rocket-internet

ID 255979

Alvaro Feito-Boirac, PhD

re.nooble founder • Quantum physics PhD @imperial-college-london • research engineer @vestas • coder, scientist, creative mind.

ID 664054

Giorgos Giannoutsos

ID 75182

Konrad Gulla

Founder and CEO @keeeb-1 • Strong background as coder, designer and interactive conceptional thinker.

ID 11039

Maximilian Corrientes

Founder of @skills-io, and German-Websecurity I'm an entrepreneur, engineer, designer and enthusiast of technology & innovations

ID 194956

Leo Marose

Founder of e-commerce and media projects, e-strategy consultant, growth hacker, experience with corporates & startups, highly motivated and skilled

ID 131641

Günter Faltin

Founder @stiftung-entrepreneurship-faltin-stiftung, @ratiodrink-ag • Worked at @free-university-berlin • Studied at @university-st-gallen

ID 460068

Emin Misrikhanov

I am passionate about innovation and helping Startups to grow | Worked at @deutsche-telekom, @hub-raum • Studied at @university-of-magdeburg

ID 105043

Fabian Gebert

Startup Manager for Enterprise Startups

ID 409936

Paul Stuebing

Worked at @hub-raum, @deutsche-telekom-ag

ID 272809

Manish Parihar

IOS Engineer Worked at startup companies only

ID 680589

Shawn Kwek

With 12 years of experience both in the US and the European market, I have created strong business alliances, pushed revenue expectations and exceeded goals.

ID 483892

Sebastian Weiss

Sales Person of the Year

ID 340142

Jerome Goerke

CEO of Wivern and Communications at Curtin University (Dean's List). MBA at Berlin School of Economics and Law (Deutschlandstipendium winner).

ID 382897

Maria König

Intern at @hub-raum Accelerator Program

ID 380593

Alexandre Kantjas

Uni Mannheim Master student, ESSEC Graduate. Strong financial background. Currently working on fundraising process for payleven, a Rocket Internet venture.

ID 674555

Alin Chiriac

ID 77766

Anas Salem

Co-founder of @bookitnow

ID 639668

Khanh Tuong

Worked at @payleven / @rocket-internet • Studied at @esade-business-school

ID 400977

Rohan Garg

Director, product management at EPIC companies. Led product at previously. Computer science from IIT Delhi and MBA from Indian School of Business

ID 127229

Gregory Iwacz

I'm tech-savvy entrepreneur developing my businesses around Black Label - my web development company. Now I’m focused on my new startup - @chartlab.

ID 152738

Simon Staib

Co-Founder and head of product @blogfosterEN, interface designer in love with frontend-development

ID 613574

Attila Danku

Founder @innowaiter-1 • Worked at @ionth, @silicon-vikings-san-francisco • Studied at @copenhagen-business-school, @university-of-liverpool

ID 527247

Sebastian Merkhoffer

Management Student at EBS in Germany

ID 255122

Phillipp Rechberg

ID 245264

Chris Biedermann


Founded Vendrefish, a Fintech venture. Investor, director of Boxman, disrupting Europe's self-storage market. Former UBS, Nomura MD. MSc London Business School

ID 181475

Martin Strunk

Founder @alive • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 91177

Philipp Zentner

Founder stomt, 10 years web development, 6 years online-marketing and startup-scene, Entrepreneur, Blogger

ID 123268

Kirill Sofronov

Growth & traffic acquisition, worked in app/software distribution @hitfox, Berlin and private equity @EnerCap, Prague

ID 89676

Peter Mädel

Founder & CDO of FOUNDD, a personalized discovery engine.

ID 466121

Robin Gower

Software Developer and Economist; 8 years experience; Cambridge University

ID 80333

Manuel Bieh

Web and Mobile Developer, Book Author and Frontend Magician. Addicted to HTML5, JavaScript and the web

ID 387591

Lauren Braun

President and founder of Social enterprise startup funded by Gates Foundation

ID 126444

Tino Wittig

ID 39197


I help build startups

ID 667902

Christopher Rehberg

Executive Assistant at @travelcircus • Studied at @university-of-mannheim-1 & @hong-kong-polytechnic-university

ID 238164

Rico zu Knyphausen

Founder @elastic-io • Worked at @dhl, @dr-heuser-ag • Studied at @university-of-passau, @university-st-gallen

ID 268383

Max Laemmle


Product Evangelist @ SumUp and well connected in the European web scene.

ID 467054

Tim Velthuis

CEO of AttachingIT • Microsoft Accelerator Berlin participant • Msc Entrepreneurship @university-of-groningen • Cofounded Launch Café • Strong in BD and sales

ID 387846

Kilian Eckle

ID 82518

Asier Ríos

Spreading love at @google. Entrepreneur soul, passionate about Internet, Marketing and Photography. Startup Weekend organizer. ONE LOVE

ID 244964

Elias Russezki

Founder @deltamethod, deltamethod

ID 146801

Karsten Schaal


A german based Family Office, currently invested in some german startups. @food-de starts in 2011 as our actually in-house project.

ID 530067

Nina Görner

Founder CoExperiences • PhD in Biochemistry at IRB Barcelona and FU Berlin. Studied Chemistry at University of Cologne, worked at Biocrates.

ID 286966

Sebastian Küpers

Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Developer, Gamer

ID 535123

Philipp Tietjen

Founder @inu-labs • Worked at @siemens-plm-software • Studied at @college-des-ingenieurs-1, @rwth-aachen-university

ID 166104

David González

Senior Software Craftsman at @novoda

ID 637818

Michael Negele

Founder & team lead at Gymbooth. Built an international distribution network for Kupilka (Startup/Finland). Lived in Rwanda, Finland, US and Germany.

ID 676770

Charlotte Bruce, PhD

Groupon International Management team and early employee. Experience in Sales Management & International Operations. Neuroscience PhD. Worked at Goldman Sachs.

ID 182491

Joaquín Suárez

Worked at @global-leads-group, @cohn-wolfe • Studied at @universidad-complutense-de-madrid

ID 8184

Oliver Ahlberg

COO @skeleton-technologies. CFDR of daily deals site sold to Baltic market leader. Mgmt exp. from CEO pos. at top web design agency. B.A. Law, Univ. of Tartu.

ID 317349

Marco Raddatz

Founder @empuxa • Worked at @forvm

ID 409921

Michael Mitterlehner


Growth Investor with Vitruvian Partners. Ex Goldman Sachs Capital Partners Investor. Ex Rocket Internet Co-Founder.

ID 476703

Leon Horst

MSc student @TU Berlin (3D Printing) • Co-founder of kvitt • Worked at @airbus, @other • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara, @TU Berlin

ID 590321

Nina Georgieva

founder @unvael-fm. designer @zendesk. freelance art director.

ID 468022

André Wiedemann

Co-Founder @hikewith-me • Worked at @searchmetrics-inc, @frogster-online-gaming

ID 397950

Carmela Fortunata Acevedo

Carnegie Mellon CS, Web developer, Previous startup experience

ID 289509

Johannes Heinen

COO/Head of New Markets @ NetVacation, Monetization Manager @ GoodGame Studios, Entrepreneur in Residence @ TruVenturo

ID 400825

Valerio Donati

Software Engineer & Product Owner at Banzai with a strong Full stack development background; launched 2 successful Web startups.

ID 349304

Christian Graggaber

ID 605499

Nicolas Stoetter

ID 670656

Mika Aldaba

Designer with Computer Science Degree, 2 years in Singapore, designs featured in Huffington Post, Tumblr, Lifehacker, tweeted by CNN news anchor

ID 45233

Mario Scheliga

CEO of @retwister, a software startup that makes life easier in a emerging market. With a monster team.

ID 297778

Tan Özaslan

Proficient in the real-world applications of both supervised and unsupervised machine-learning algorithms. Vast experience in mining hidden gems located within large sets of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.

ID 79710

David Horat

Chief Information Officer at @plocan. Worked at @cern and @ericsson. Lived in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. Software Engineer/Technical Leader.

ID 514337

Matthias Bachor

Director Marketing at Searchmetrics, the global leader for SEO, Social and Content intelligence, running the complete marketing strategies and the CRM system

ID 209812

Sebastian Gabor

Founder @itgambit @Colegu' @CocoManda and key player in several other projects.

ID 139623

Shannon Smith

Berlin correspondent for CBSi SmartPlanet; Communications at Ecosia; Sustainism advocate; Lover of cheese

ID 584794

Ula Lachowicz

ID 553426

Aaron McCoy

Founder @betbox. Strong product design, development, UX and business strategy experience in several entrepreneurial ventures.

ID 673123

Alexander Gabler

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 669681

Tim Tepass

ID 247326

Lukas Haensch

ID 538521

Verena von Stromberg

Founde/ CEO @meisterclass, Experience in Consultancy, Marketing & Innovation management; Master of Science @bocconi-university, @copenhagen-business-school

ID 161203

Gerald Kropitz

Founder @kikin • Worked at @moodlogic, @wazap

ID 413900

Sascha Boerger

Manager in IT development, Certified Scrum Product Owner & Scrum Master, Google Glass Evangelist, worked at @deutsche-telekom, @axel-springer, ...

ID 261332

Sebastian Zillessen

Founder @pfeffermind-games

ID 629358

Arthur Mai

Head of CRO & SEO at @project-a-ventures. Worked @trg-the-reach-group and other agencies

ID 641444

Abhinav Dakalia

ID 639915

Philip von Have

Co-Founder at

ID 613092

Tony Yustein

Launched and sold Internet companies since 1990, believer in mobile and collaboration convergence, expert in Internet technologies with marketing experience.

ID 546975

Christoph Köpernick

Founder & CEO of Locadeo. Expert in digital media & technology with 13+ yrs experience. Degree in CS & Business. First company at age 16. Outstanding strategist

ID 584481

Natalie Blacker

A business & creative marketing development specialist; innovative media professional experience in campaigns, brand management, communications, and sales.

ID 94110

Chris Wilson

ID 155482

Emiliano Saurin

Founder @klash • Worked at @favor-it-1

ID 453906

Zakaria Aarab

Founder Feedlur / The Netherlands / Developer / Entrepreneur / Student /

ID 492923

Miriam Kronberg

COO; manager dotcom 1.0 in SF, 2.0 in Berlin; B2B sales; creative innovator.

ID 475824

Luca Tironi

Founder @hairdressr • Working @dawanda • Worked at @fractalgarden, @sda-bocconi-school-of-management • Studied at @universita-statale-di-milano

ID 674017

Amir Baer

Freelance Software Developer; 7 Years of Diverse Experience in Technology and Management; Released as Captain from IDF Intelligence Corps

ID 192785

Bianca Walterspiel

Senior Account Manager

ID 105907

Aleksey Kolupaev

CTO at

ID 613705

Viktor Zawadzki


CEO Spree7 - a PubliGroupe and MediaMath investment, consultant for online marketing especially programmatic.

ID 375893

Joachim Homeister

Lawyer in the German-Russian business community since 2006. Worked both on institutional cross-border investment projects and start-ups. Puts pragmatism first.

ID 443762

Tomek Piotrowski

Founder Wonderpots GmbH

ID 227586

Jaime Ravelo


Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor • Strong business background

ID 94108

Paul Schoenmakers

Founder & Managing Director at @leadmedia BV. Founder & Managing Director at @jibr BV.

ID 340456

Sven Schwartz

ID 430243

Paul Filipow

Founder monograf • Studied at @university-of-alberta

ID 515958

Julia Martiukhina

Worked at @trademob, @inismo • Studied at @universitat-klagenfurt

ID 473480

Maik Hesse

M.Sc.graduate with deep interest in tech-startups, willing to bring in analytic skills, a witty mind, high energy and a very hands-on attitude.

ID 361845

Sriram Chandrasekaran


ID 395464

Deepanker Dua

Stanford Entreprenuership graduate, Trained sales executive, 5 international languages, 3 continents working knowledge.

ID 345446

Toni Ellis

ID 412868

Karan Dehghani

Founder @geschenk24-com, @collections-art-society • Studied at @london-school-of-economics. Strong business development background (consulted various startups and also large/mid caps)

ID 651326

Gianluca Baccanico

CEO of The Bloop. Marshall McLuhan Fellow. Neokantian philosopher of the internet. Berlin scene community builder. Maker and thinker.

ID 225669

Yatan Blumenthal Vargas

Founder Accelerator , @berlin-hardware-accelerator • Studied at @maastricht-university, @university-of-manchester

ID 206571

Ali Kurtze

Digital Media in Germany, worked in London Agency sphere, moved on with own companies in London, HK and Indonesia. Vendor for agencies, idea converter.

ID 316369

Thomas v. Pilar

The business guy in our new Mobile Payment venture mpax

ID 169210

Alexander Bierling

CEO at Hugleberry. Post-digital Entrepreneur. Worked at Red Bull and other int'l premium brands in sales & marketing.

ID 579902

Alexander Roth

Worked at @phonedeck

ID 622853

Andreas Pursian

Andreas is a Berlin-based computer scientist with a decade of experience in IT. He is currently CTO & Co-Founder of Pinio.

ID 267596

Jacob Beutler

Founder @pfeffermind-games

ID 488012

Alex Bystrov

CEO and at Cirqle • CDO at @look-at-media

ID 207666

Sebastian Bohle

Founder, CSO at Opin • Worked at @apple, @thomson-reuters

ID 212641

George Teiosanu

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Strategist, currently working as Digital Operations Director @ Kommerzio and building - the eCommerce Resource Hub.

ID 392279

Marit Brademann

Worked at @groupon, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-mannheim, @warsaw-school-of-economics

ID 691771

Martin Goedicke

Senior Manager Online Marketing

ID 232986

Conor Delahunty

Designer at

ID 173424


Web developer developer with a Masters degree in Computer Science and two years of experience post-studies.

ID 634589

Yasmine Kalami

Franco-Persian-American Advertising Manager. Strong Background in International Business or Cultural Management. Masters in Business, Bachelors in Psychology.

ID 547559

Dirk Wahrheit

Founder @macnetix-gmbh • Studied at @tu-berlin

ID 408427

Thomas Witt

Director/VP Product & Business Development at Infopark AG. Web technology expert, Topics: Ruby on Rails, AWS, Cloud, CMS.

ID 76778

Christoph Gaschler

CEO and Co-Founder of @clipflip. Co-Founded Beaufort Media and @pictorama.

ID 58884

Julian Hoffmann

engineer and entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany.

ID 10149

Matthieu Aussaguel

Founder of @fliplingo , Design minded developer who likes to ask questions. Former engineer at @envato.

ID 175188

Christian Riedel

Co-Founder | CTO FOUNDD Worked at @nokia Siemens Networks, @mybet, @tomfy

ID 226193

Christian Bauer

Design Student in Berlin. Webdesign Trends Expert.

ID 104329

Andres Acuna Valdivieso

Project Manager at PMI certified Project Manager with 14 years of experience working for most major mobile telecomm operators and providers

ID 585865

Jennelle Nystrom

Product Manager. Former PM at Microsoft. Computer Science + Art History Double major.

ID 562680

Diego Torres

Engineer at a large corporation looking for an inspiring opportunity at a startup. Strong design, manufacturing, and R&D skills and experience. • Worked at @eli-lilly, @general-motors, @delta-airlines • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 352184

Andrea Sica

Business Analyst and Marketing Developer; CDI MBA 2013; Worked also at Decathlon and Pirelli;

ID 215172

Christoph Keese


ID 16101

Tobias Stone

Investor @red-redemption, @versio2, Venture Partner @Kwamecorp Ventures, mentor @xlhealth and @startupbootcamp in Berlin, academic at Huddersfield University

ID 406932

Stefan Wille

CEO of @public-picture-ag. Worked for @credit-suisse, @Houlihan Lokey, @Deutsche Bank, @merrill-lynch. Studied at @university-st-gallen.

ID 610106

Niko van Eeghen

Product manager, with experience from early concepting to launching products. A strong drive for doing the right things, and doing them right.

ID 208610

Alexandra Hamann

10 years experience in B2B industry.Bachelor´s in Business Admin. (Trade Fair & Convention Management) and Master´s in Environmental Management.Founded manetch

ID 307937

Marlou de Jong

Worked at @the-new-motion-deutschland

ID 503509

Tim Bormans

Technical Co-founder @tebla, Ex @soundcloud & @last-fm Engineer.

ID 503005

Alexander Weidauer

Worked at @mckinsey-company, @project-a-ventures • Studied at @london-school-of-economics & @tu-berlin

ID 58507

Alfonso Aramburo

Design Engineer. Founder of Publicity Startup. Master in Marketing and Technologies Management. Play guitar and Sing. Sports.

ID 492796

Michael Stephan

Founder SavingGlobal GmbH

ID 98026

Ioannis Manolias

Search Engine Marketing

ID 633074

Markus Schwenke

ID 250253

Felix Buchwald

Founder hardscore • ex-poker pro

ID 385461

Julian Leitloff

Co-founder and CEO of Stilnest. Master at Zeppelin University @ Chair for Entrepeneurship. Curious about the interdisciplinary.

ID 246978

Antonia Schulte

Graduated with a Masters in international Management; Postgraduate MBA Program at USD; Junior Concultant for SaddleCreek Logistics, Junior Marketing Manager

ID 66998

Friedemann Kiersch

CS student, currently at Thesis work in cooperation with @yahoo Research, multi-year web development track record.

ID 55164

Adina Soneriu

Raised 500k+ USD for 2 start-ups, built a solar house with a team of 40, attended a TED event

ID 426770

Nicolas Zimmer

CEO of TSB Technology Foundation Berlin. Former Permanent Secretary for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin, Germany. Cocoa Developer. Former IP lawyer.

ID 141128

Krzysztof Odolinski

CEO, Co-founder of Airnauts. Strong business background (KPMG, Danske Bank). Finance, project management, extensive business experience.

ID 193589

Timothy Farnell


Investor @digital-education

ID 634578

Maximilian Marbe

Worked at @patience

ID 402984

Stephan Noller

Media Tech Entrepeneur. Founder and CEO of Passionate about predictive algorithms, programmatic buying/RTA and drones.

ID 596472

Jan Nietfeld

CTO @recorrido • Worked at @9flats, @philips-research • Studied at @technical-university-of-berlin

ID 149930

Leonard Stellbrink

Worked at @rocket-internet, @neofonie-mobile • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences-berlin. Developed several iOS Applications as contract work

ID 506784

Julian Koch

Founder NOCK IT GmbH

ID 653812

Rainer Berak

Pragmatic generalist with expertise in process and project management and more than 10 years experience in various fields and industries

ID 264280

Jessica H

HR Manager at Atheneum Partners with a passion for connecting people, ideas, and passions.

ID 42396

Marco Piu

Visionary and entrepreneurial business leader with specific expertise in marketing, business development with a strong focus on digital and e-commerce.

ID 618835

Tim Gendron

University of Waterloo ECE; Low-level Software Developer, Arduino Enthusiast. Looking for something to get passionate about.

ID 140114

Rupert Hoffschmidt

Berlin based Entrepreneur currently building a digital guide for real-life experiences.

ID 419464

Bernd Monitor


see linkedin profile.

ID 107363

Charel Buchler

Organized events & meetups for developers in Luxembourg and Berlin. Creating great experiences is what matters.

ID 573411

James Lafa

Freelance web developer : AngularJS / Ruby On Rails / WebRTC / D3.js

ID 558043

Harald Doderer

Worked at @rocket-internet, @todaytickets, lead developer at

ID 412250

Alex von Harsdorf

CEO & Founder |

ID 193827

David Carter

Web developer, with a focus on front-end development

ID 460968

Nathalie d'Aboville

ID 255156

Giacomo De Lorenzo

Master in Management student at ESCP Europe. Worked in Rocket Internet (Zalora) and Vodafone. Passion for event organization.

ID 150348

Dirk Wilfling

Help startups to get their business structure ready. Founded PlaceTrace. My gut feeling is in constant dialogue with my data driven mind.

ID 111797

Christian Michaelis

CEO of Venture Base GmbH. Entrepreneur since 2009 with focus on worldwide e-commerce. Background at McKinsey and Rocket Internet.

ID 143663

Chris Leishman

Worked at @thoughtworks • Studied at @university-of-melbourne

ID 638453

Benjamin Elsworth

Serial Startup guy, looking for next adventure. I'm only open to projects that have an idea that hooks me, not looking for just 'anything'.

ID 655792

Avraam Mavridis

Worked at @epic-companies

ID 573056

Scott Douglass

Fifteen years of experience in international business environments working to produce and sell high quality consumer-focused remote sensing imagery products.

ID 283678

Paul Grau

Web Developer

ID 45966

Enrico Kern

Founder of the XboX-Linux Project, first vc funded startup started with 21, System engineer at @nokia Cloud Computing Operations & Delivery.

ID 543410

Ben Riddle

Design Maverick at Future Partners. Design Lead at Institute of Child Success. Studied at Freie Universitat Berlin & Furman University. Project M.

ID 223007

Melanie Unbekannt

CMO of Data Farms GmbH, new media and education, change the german education system

ID 506788

Julian Bez

Founder @republic-of-commerce, @bookya • Worked at @sponsorpay • Studied at @htw-berlin

ID 397329

David Pollack

Entrepreneur. Gourmand (not a foodie). Finance aficionado. Adventurer. Not necessarily in that order.

ID 487457

Martin Engel

Co-Founder & COO @yourpainting

ID 513578

Paul Knittel

Founder @documaps-io, FlowPro • Worked at @synengco • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 693256

Maria Melnikova

Start-up enthusiast with academic background in business, economics & geography and experienced in project management, international relations and analytics

ID 271327

Katja Avant-Hard

I am a multi-media expert, who is looking for new creative and professional possibilities.

ID 75719

Daniel Heitzer

Investor Relations; Internet passionate with Strategy / M&A experience; IESE MBA 2011

ID 293002

Tom James

Business & Management geek. Looking for startups to make them even more awesome. Interested in mobile tech. Young entrepreneur. Here's to the crazy ones.

ID 209153

Timo Bolse

Worked at @volkswagen-electronics-research-lab • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences-duesseldorf, @hamburg-university-of-technology

ID 687236

Gautier Keusch

ID 225396

Matthias Strobel

Founder Nagual Sounds GmbH • Worked at @zdf • Studied at @htw-berlin

ID 304822

Wolfgang Bremer

Award winning Designer & UX guy, Co-Founder @, Design Lead @nokia, former Director Design & UX @strands, Startup Founder.

ID 637568

Niklas Boukal

Allround talent with an analytical mind and passion for creative innovative ideas. The customer comes first - service and product make a good company.

ID 228253

Johann Quassowski

Studied at @maastricht-university

ID 684371

Allyson Portee

Business Development & Communications Strategist

ID 634410

Matthias Reinholz

engineering digital visions. Economics, Digital Innovation Management, Digital Copyright Shift, Data Architecture & Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Media.

ID 155860

Michael Gorski

ID 584449

Ray Gibson

Co-Founder StartMonday. 15 years in HR and Recruiting for tech firms has led to developing our own mobile App solution, and changing job hunting forever.

ID 542341

Sebastian Ebner

ID 242934

Cindy Rubbens

ID 690220

David Haber

ID 488232

Jeremy Santy

Principal and Founder at Brighten Studios. Have worked with Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Zillow and other startups.

ID 319351

Daniel Rapp

Co-founder @brokenmusic . 1st tech startup out of grad school. Strong business, consulting & tech skills. @university of Zurich M.Sc. Business Informatics 2013.

ID 165817

Caleb Stratton

Sales at Singleplatform

ID 481372

Kurt Steinwald

BA. CCO of 3FeetHi, CEO of v-Motion, Head of Worked for several companies, like Red Bull, Storck, Wilkinson, Desperados, Carlsberg, UAF,...

ID 45579

Niklas Roehling

studied Philosophy & Economics at LSE

ID 576376

Peter Roberts

Worked at @studio-xo, @ocado • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 417141

Dominik Hofer

Founder splots • Worked at @moosify, @technical-university-of-vienna • Studied at @vienna-technical-university

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founded, bootstrapped and ran @Motobidia, LLC. Led product & operations @ngp-van-inc Experience spans eCommerce, cloud/SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 580305

Laura Eck

ID 628065

Ralf Krestel

Founder @givsum-llc-1 • Worked at @hasso-plattner-institute, @university-of-calfornia-irvine • Studied at @university-of-karlsruhe, @concordia-university-montreal

ID 678044

Quentin Leroy

I am looking for new challenges in an entrepreneurial environment. The world is moving fast and I want to be part of that change.

ID 500877

Leonid Batalov

Worked at @ball-park-production-house, @avantgarde-brand-services • Studied at @auckland-university-of-technology

ID 625662

Jochen Wolfgramm

ID 680666

Erika López Caner

Online, Performance, and Trade Marketing specialist with a progressive experience of 2 years. I'm fascinated by design, fashion, and the vast Internet plains.

ID 678030

Davide Ramaglietta

Web Application Developer. European Master Degree in Software Engineer. Strong Computer Science background. Based in Berlin. Wish to relocate in USA.

ID 686841

Jorge Marcano (+2500)

Intercultural Communication Specialist / Seeking new challenges / Open to relocation

ID 422381

Carl-Christian Bruns

Founder, tech-enthusiast, generalist and operator of all sorts. Worked with 2 startups from the start, organized events for 1000+ in arts & cult, startup & tech

ID 412245

Maciej Doliński

Founder and CEO of Friendlyscore. 1st software startup in 2004. Strong business experience at Procter & Gamble and

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 612866

Sarah Goerres

Founder of SalonFest, background in Public Policy and international organizations (OECD, UNIDO, ITC)

ID 651496

Thomas Diehl

Worked at @rocket-internet • Studied at @zeppelin-university

ID 202196

Marco Buhlmann

Dedicated, internationally-educated entrepreneur and business developer specialized in high growth, technology driven companies.

ID 270791

Andreas Bauer

Founder Mytro • Studied at @technical-university-of-munich

ID 563037

Daniel Amireh

Software Engineer

ID 226573

Michael Glattmann

Co-Founder & CEO curart • Working at @Foxeye • Studied at @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @xian-jiao-tong-university

ID 437000

Mihai Irinel Popescu

ID 261

Christoph Plamper

Marketing & web consultant, Co-Founder of @deifs, web developer, open source sup­porter, entrepren­eur, product guy, startup advisor.

ID 373199

Axel Besinger

Deutsche Telekom GDV

ID 150016

Adam Goodman

Worked at @avg-technologies @deloitte-consulting, @telus • Studied at @university-of-guelph, @schulich-school-of-business

ID 126537

Thomas Ahle Jehn

Actionable with aim at long-lasting value and sustainable solutions. @nova-founders, @worksy • BSc & MSc Innovation & Biz Dev. @copenhagen-business-school School

ID 207414

Austin Richardson

PhD student at the University of Florida. Currently researching the human gut microbiome in relation to Type 1 Diabetes.

ID 380611

Gavin Burke

ID 321771

Serena Vittoria Nitti

ID 428254

Giuseppe Colucci

Entrepreneur mind looking for challenges and help developing projects from scratch to stars.

ID 227344

Taylor Smears

ID 679906

Julian Hammer

ID 336657

Yoav Yeger

Knows all about videos, site manager of two major websites, content freak!

ID 687240

Lucie Stevens

Program Manager at the Australian Society of Authors, with publishing and communications background. Freelance writer, editor and author. Relocating to Berlin.

ID 117929

Yann Sander

Co-founder at @peekstories-1. Passion for building innovative products. Worked @bmw, @eads, Strong interpersonal skills and international background. GGSB 2011

ID 627536

Simon Wolff


Intern @earlybird | Student @whu

ID 189818

Paul Krajewski

Working on @shario & @ming-labs-gmbh (@MINGlabs)

ID 195162

Morgan Sully

Founder @appleseed-hosting-llc • Worked at @agora-collective, @national-alliance-for-media-arts-culture • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 442988

Jonathan Koch

seven year apple veteran w/ diverse skills & experience. vagabond traveler. musician. contemplative ecologist.

ID 446046

Trajan King


I have a small portfolio of online companies. Have started and/or bought and sold about 20 companies.

ID 422878

Stephan Schoenen

Serial Entrepreneur, CoFounder @jungmut, CoFounder @eelusion